Logic Gadgets: Wireless receiver


Name of gadget Wireless receiver
Section Sensors & Input
Number of Tweak pages 2
Author LadylexUK, QuietlyWrong
Last updated 23 May 2019 [ EA v1.02]


This gadget is used in combination with the Wireless Transmitter. It receives signals wirelessly and outputs them along any wires connected to its output. Furthermore it provides the option to include a detection range within which it is effective.

Example Tutorial (from Media Molecule)

Same as for wireless transmitter:

  1. Let’s make an earthquake.
  2. Grab a wireless transmitter, wireless receiver, timer and a camera shaker and put them in your scene.
  3. Tweak the wireless transmitter and give it a name (call it “quake”)
  4. Tweak the wireless receiver and enter “quake” where it says transmitter name. Now these two can communicate with each other.
  5. Set the zone shape of the wireless receiver to scene. This means that it will pick up the transmission from anywhere.
  6. Connect the timer output to “Signal to Receiver” on the wireless transmitter.
  7. Connect signal from transmitter on the wireless receiver to the power port on the camera shaker.
  8. Hit start time.
  9. As the counter counts up to its target time (the default is 5 seconds, unless you changed it) the signal it sends is increasing numerically which means the power to the camera shaker increases.

Tweak Menus

Tweak Menu 1: Properties & I/O

Image: Beta. Confirmed same in v1.02
  1. Tweak Menu page 1: Properties & I/O
  2. Transmitter name
  3. Signal from Transmitter
    3b. Signal Output
  4. Signal to Transmitter
    4a. Signal Input
  5. Power
  1. Menu page indicator
  2. Transmitter name
    Type in the name of the transmitter you wish to receive a wireless signal from
  3. Signal From Transmitter
    This is where you can connect a wire to pass the wirelessly received signal to any other gadgets or gizmos
  4. Signal To Transmitter
    This is where you can connect an input signal
  5. Power
    This is where you turn the gadget on/off
Tweak Menu 2: Zone Size
  1. Tweak Menu 2: Zone Size
  2. Zone Shape
  3. Zone Size
    3a. Input
    3b. Output
  4. Zone Falloff
    4a. Input
    4b. Output
  5. Power
  1. Menu page indicator
  2. Zone Shape
    The receiver can have a limited range indicated by a zone attached to the gadget (like with a trigger zone). The shape can be determined here.

    • Sphere
    • Cube
    • Cylinder
    • Cone
    • Ellipsoid
    • Scene
      Choose this option if you do not want a limit to the range and you want to receiver to get a transmission from anywhere in the scene.
  3. Zone Size
    This determines the range area for the Zone Shape in metres. It is deactivated if you choose scene.
  4. Zone Falloff
    This is an extra range that is added to the outside of your zone and can be used to receive a more limited signal that increases as the transmitter moves closer to the zone proper.
  5. Power
    This is where you turn the gadget on/off

Lex Tips

Useful Tutorials

Beginners Guide to Wireless Transmitters and Receivers

Wireless Interactions

Latest Update

v1.02 Menus confirmed same. Added link

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