Media Molecule Official Videos (2015)


Videos posted to YouTube by Media Molecule and Playstation that are not trailers. For trailers see Dreams Trailers.


Dreams Interview and Tease (1:48)
15 June 2015
Alex Evans and Mark Healey talk about Dreams interspersed with the E3 teaser trailer.
Behind The Scenes with Dreams PS4 at Media Molecule (26:19)
2 Oct 2015
Live Stream with Alex Evans. A tour around the Media Molecule offices
Alex Evans at Umbra Ignite 2015: Learning From Failure (30:45)
2 Oct 2015
A Powerpoint presentation from Media Molecule’s Alex Evans. A technical talk not meant for end users, he is talking to fellow developers at a seminar in Helsinki, Finland. He talks about how the modelling in Dreams has been developed from a simple selection of primitive shapes to meshes and contouring and other highly technical methodologies. Contains swearing.
Notes can be found here:

Click to access AlexEvans_SIGGRAPH-2015-sml.pdf

Paris Games Week: Media Briefing(1:43:51)
27 Oct 2015
Jim Ryan of Playstation presents a seminar on Playstation games 2015-2016. Various developers make presentations. Media Molecule’s slot starts at 51:57 -1:01:59. Alex Evans and Mark Healey play their Alpha state game. Frances the Bear builds a forest and enters the library, ending with multiplayer fun with some food.Some brief clips of other dreams are at the end of the presentation.
Dreams Gameplay Demo(7:53)
27 Oct 2015
Alex Evans and Mark Healey discuss the Paris Games week presentation. No new clips.
Dreams PS4 Jamming live from Quantic Dream(1:16:40)
3 Nov 2015
Starts at 5:19. Live Stream with Alex Evans, Mark Healey and other Media Molecule developers.Basically a repeat of the playthough shown at Paris Games Week. New footage includes showing a player using pre-made assets to make a landscape.
Poor quality audio and video as most of the clips are video of a screen and not a capture.

Dreams PS4 – Dreams Design Team Jam! | Live Stream (30:14)
27 Nov 2015
Mark, Peter, John Beech and Steve Big Guns make a level in Dreams using pre-made assets. Featuring a bird character, a beefed up Bear, an elephant, and a dolls house that you can interact with.

Liam Live Codes Dreams(42:51)
27 Nov 2015
Liam De Valmency from Media Molecule reprograms Dreams using Visual Studio and C++. It does not show coding within the game itself (how the end user will program their creations), and is highly technical.
Sculpting in Dreams and Tearway Unfolded Caverns (1:43:51)
27 Nov 2015
Media Molecules other title Tearaway starts the video. Dreams content begins at 21:00.
Anton Mikhailov and Kareem Ettouney use the sculpting tools to create a landscape, statues, and robots.
Spawn on Me at Playstation Experience 2015  (1:00:03)
6 Dec 2015
The podcaster talks to Media Molecule about Dreams. We see the forest, some fruit, beefy bear and a table of food.
 Jamming with Shuhei Yoshida! (25:46)
8 Dec 2015
Live stream with the President of Sony, Anton and Jon. They look at a variety of character designs, many we hadn’t seen so far, and building a landscape. Also we get a glimpse of the collections for designing with ready made assets.Finishing with a look at a sci fi level with a mech.

How it actually works (6:41)

8 Dec 2015
Playstation Access interviews Alex Evans. The video is only 6 minutes long so don’t expect an in depth explanation of how it works!

 Sculpting the Tomorrow Children with Dylan Cuthbert from Q games (38:34)
9 Dec 2015
A character sculpture session from a mannequin to a child model.
 Media Molecule Community Jam!(59:01)
11 Dec 2015
Live stream with Emilie John Peter and Naomi.  On the fly designs based on community suggestions, so we get a bat, a dinosaur, a carved pumpkin, a ladybird, a snowman, a robot etc…
 Anton and Jon meet DreamBubble’s Danny(30:16)
16 Dec 2015
Live stream with Danny from DreamBubbly.
Another look at the forest landscape we saw in the Yoshida video.
 DreamBubble Community Q&A with Jon(11:04)
16 Dec 2015
Live stream with DreamBubbly. Jon answers community questions.
 Playing Dreams with Double Fine!(1:22:43)
16 Dec 2015
Live stream with developers from DoubleFine in San Francisco. Some character and landscape creation tools are shown.


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