Media Molecule Official Videos (2016)

Videos from 2016.

Making Fat Princess with Fun Bits (29:57)

15 Jan 2016
Live Stream from PSX 2016. An attempt to make a Fat Princess character model in half an hour. The first of a series of live streams with other software companies where they talk about their game, while MM demonstrate Dreams by recreating their characters.

Building Wattam with Funomena (38:49)

15 Jan 2016
Live Stream from PSX 2016. Maja builds some of the characters from Wattam with game makers Robin and Keita. Kawaii style pencils and primitive shapes.

Sculpting RIGS with Guerilla Games (30:45)
15 Jan 2016
Live stream from PSX 2016. Making characters from RIGS with Alex Kanaris-Sotirou from Guerrilla Games. A cute mech design.

DreamBubble Community Q&A (32:54)

15 Jan 2016
Live Stream from PSX 2016.
Anton answers community questions from Danny of fan site DreamBubble.

Sculpting Journey’s Traveler in Dreams PS4 (32:44)

15 Jan 2016
Live Stream from PSX 2016.
Making characters from Journey and What Remains of Edith Finch with Chris Bell from Giant Sparrow.

Plastic Studios’ Michal Staniszewski talks Bound (28:16)

15 Jan 2016
Live stream from PSX 2016
Recreating a character from Bound.

Jamming with London Studio (28:16)

15 Jan 2016
Live stream from PSX 2016
The London Studio team make a shark.

Building new Hot Shots Golf with Japan Studio (37:48)

15 Jan 2016
Live stream from PSX 2016.
Making characters from Hot Shots Golf. Sadly the audio quality on this video is very poor.

Making Clickers with Naughty Dog (16:00)

15 Jan 2016
Live stream from PSX 2016
Making a character from The Last of Us.
Unfortunately sound quality for the guests is very poor and we can only hear the game audio.

Playing Dreams with ConFreaks & Geeks (42:26)

19 Jan 2016
Live stream from PSX 2016
Playing Dreams with the pop culture website team. Yet another demo of the forest, beefy bear, the ww1 set, the insect character, the boy astronaut and others. There is some duplication of audio from the headsets, which make it a little difficult to listen to in places.

Playing Dreams with Nicolas Doucet from Japan Studio (28:56)

19 Jan 2016
Live stream from PSX 2016
Playing Dreams with the pop culture website Making bots from The Playroom.

2016 Community Jam (40:43)

21 Jan 2016
Live stream
The team make characters based on chat suggestions.They make a flower character, a robot penguin, a fish in a fedora, a spooky shack.

Making gardens in Dreams (38:37)

28 Jan 2016
Live stream
Making flowers with Jenny and Jamie.

Assembling a World War 1 game scene (59:39)

11 Feb 2016
Kareem and Francis build a dark scene with skulls and soldiers.

Building 3 Cities in an Hour (55:53)

25 Feb 2016
Kareem and Anton build some cities from pre-made blocks.

Speedy Character Creation (59:03)

10 Mar 2016
Live stream.
Developers and artists from Media Molecule create some characters on-the-fly, including a carrot in a top hat.

Rocket Game made on Train Jam (36:46)

24 Mar 2016
Live stream.
Media Molecule show a puzzle platformer they made over a 52 hour train trip. With timelapse footage of the trip across America.

Customising a mech space scene (1:00:02)

7 Apr 2016
Live stream.
John B and Kareem work on a scene in Dreams. Demonstrating paint effects.

The tech behind the magic (42:34)

21 Apr 2016
Live stream.
A look at some of the C++ code that makes Dreams work. Probably of most interest programmers.

Still life art creation with Kareem and Men Lu (1:02:19)

5 May 2016
Live stream. Fine art still life of a jug and fruit made on-the-fly.
Problem with audio synching at the beginning.

Sculpting anatomy (1:27:39)

19 May 2016
Live stream.
Kareem and Anton sculpt on the character mannequin.

Fun time with Playstation Access (50:08)

2 Jun 2016
Live stream.
Modelling a flower and a garden scene with Jaimie and Mark and Hollie and David from Playstation Access.

Media Molecule Fan Meet up at PSX (1:12)

13 Jun 2016
Media Molecule 10th Birthday Party in a bar. Mostly shots of people standing around. Only fleeting glimpses of Dreams.

Creating atmosphere with John Peter and Jenny (54:58)

30 Jun 2016
MM make a sci fi scene in the dark.

Exclusive In-development Gameplay with Shuhei Yoshida (54:58)

19 Jul 2016
Live stream with the President of Sony. Also features a timelapse video of creation on Dreams. A game with a insect creature firing a water cannon, a look at the collections interface.

Summer sports event (44:32)

18 Aug 2016
Live stream.
Daniel and John play an athletic track game.

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