LadylexUK is the author of the School of Kode website (www.projectspark.co.uk), and My First Book of Kode (unofficial manual for Project Spark). She has gone from Little Big Planet creations on the PS3, jumping ship to Xbox One for Project Spark, and is now back to Playstation 4 for Dreams.

The plan for this website is to be a hub for tutorial help for Dreams on the PS4. A catalogue of YouTube videos, written articles, and who knows? If you think you would like to be a part of this then please leave me your contact details in the comments  (or you can contact me on Twitter or private message on PSN or Dreambubble) and I will get back to you. I am looking for tutorial creators, article writers and general helpers. So if you are a fan of the hotly anticipated Dreams game, and you think you are going to be making content outside the game then I want to hear from you.

The web address http://www.dreamschool.co.uk is used to direct people easily to the site, but if you use  https://dreamskool.wordpress.com/ you will be able to bookmark actual pages (dreamschool had already been taken sadly).

Lex would like to thank the following for providing information and content for this site:

Dennis Smith
Larry Johnson
The Dreams Creator Beta community
YouTube Creators

Criteria for Inclusion

The tutorials featured on this website are selected from YouTube by LadylexUK. Live streams of over 40 minutes are generally not considered suitable as tutorials due to the length and the fact that the creator is generally working things out as they go, making mistakes and constantly changing and correcting, which makes it difficult as a teaching tool. Videos that have a lot of cussing are normally not added, though the odd word is not a problem. Videos that feature speed builds are also not regarded as good tutorials however some may be featured in the Making Of section of the site. Videos with very fast delivery are not generally added, Duplication of content is kept to a minimum, so some videos may not be added as there are already enough videos on that subject on the site. Inclusion of a video by a creator does not guarantee future videos will also be included. Videos are discovered by searching for Dreams PS4 Tutorial, so many tutorials may not be known about – if you have a recommendation please leave a link in the comments. LadylexUK has not necessarily watched all of these videos all the way through (not enough time in the day) or checked that this advice is accurate or offers best practices.


This website is fan made and is not endorsed by or affiliated to Media Molecule, Playstation or other Dreams websites. It is currently 100% non funded and any advertisements are placed by WordPress.com in order to provide a free blog service. No revenue from any ads is received by the author. The content of YouTube videos embedded in these pages belongs to the creators of those videos. All views will add to the creators totals and any ad revenue on the video will be theirs, and theirs alone.

As of Feb 10th 2020 I am trialling affiliate links to Amazon on the site, with a link to Buy Dreams in the useful links section. If you wish to support the site please click on the link and buy something. It doesn’t have to be Dreams.

Dreamschool is not responsible for any disruption, failure or effect that happens to your Dreams creations by following the tutorials or advice found on these pages. Some tutorials  were made during the Beta and Early Access  and things may change that make the advice in them obsolete. Dreams gadgets are susceptible to change at any time by Mm. You use this information at your own risk. Tutorials may be removed or changed at any time. Some videos may contain language or imagery unsuitable for younger viewers, parents discretion is advised. This website is not intended for under 13 year olds.

If any of the videos have offended you, do not work, offer wrong advice, or you believe have infringed on your copyright please leave a comment on the page so I can investigate. If you are a creator of tutorials and for whatever reason you do not want your videos promoted on this website then please let me know so I can remove them. Just to confirm this website receives no ad revenue from your work, and you get all the views, likes and subscriptions just as if it was viewed on YouTube.

COPPA regulations

This website and its content is not intended for a child audience. As a blog creator I have absolutely no control over cookies or data collection or ad placement, this is all controlled by WordPress and its owners and affiliates. I do not collect or use any data from children or indeed anyone. The content of this website is varied and is meant to be used as a resource for adult creators of Dreams. Children under 13 are not targeted or catered for here. As a result of changes to YouTube policy some YouTube videos may no longer be available as they have been deleted or removed from YouTube either by the maker or YouTube itself. Please leave a comment to inform me so I can remove the page from the site if you find a video that is no longer available.


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