Current Bugs I am experiencing

With Dreams increasing in complexity and size every day, each update has the potential to introduce bugs to the game. Here is a list of bugs I believe are current on the system with an amusing name attached for easy reference.

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Why am I excluded from LadylexUK made charts, videos and collections?

I do not generally like to exclude anyone in the Dreamiverse. I have only blocked a handful of people, and they were mainly due to abusive comments by trolls who do not create in Dreams and just write hateful, racist, sexist and vulgar comments. I do not like blocking Dreams creators because it interferes with... Continue Reading →

Dreamiverse Song Contest 2021

Its time for the Annual Dreamiverse Song Contest. This is a friendly contest. There are no prizes, just the joy of taking part. It is not official or run by Media Molecule. Rules All musical compositions must be original. No covers. No remixes of other works.All music must be made in Dreams. You can add... Continue Reading →

My Discover Dreams Project scuppered

Since October I have been playing every Dream released and putting them into categories in a daily collection. The idea behind this was to help discovery (a quaint term I have coined to explain the search for quality items made in Dreams). With everything sorted into type and also a recommended collection it is easier... Continue Reading →

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