Ideal Dreams games for under 12s

PlatformersTrip's VoyageGreat Job, HumanDreamiverse DashPuzzle PlatformersPip GemwalkerTerance's Jungle AdventureBo's IslandColour with Crayons RacingOmmy KartTectonic AnimationNinja Cat 3 Episode 1 and 2 (10-12)Noguchi's Bell (10-12)The SnowballCow Got MoovesArcadeGiblets Volcano SurvivalDreams PartyCow RunnerRuckus Just Another Natural DisasterFrozen Frenzy

Dreamiverse Song Contest 2021

Its time for the Annual Dreamiverse Song Contest. This is a friendly contest. There are no prizes, just the joy of taking part. It is not official or run by Media Molecule. Rules All musical compositions must be original. No covers. No remixes of other works.All music must be made in Dreams. You can add... Continue Reading →

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