Logic Gadgets: Combiner


Name of gadget Combiner
Section Logic & Processing
Number of Tweak pages 1
Author LadylexUK, QuietlyWrong
Last updated 7 April 2020 [v2.09]


This gadget does the opposite of the splitter, in that it takes single wires and combines them to make a fat wire. These wires can previously be part of a fat wire, or a new combination. There are different types of fat wire to choose from. Fat wires are very useful for keeping logic tidy where several related signals have to head in the same direction, or where other gadgets expect fat wires for their inputs (for example any colour gizmo will expect a fat wire carrying red, green and blue signals together).

Example Tutorial (adapted from Media Molecule)

  1. Stamp a cube
  2. Tweak the cube and put the tint amount at 200%
  3. Place a combiner
  4. Place 3 signal generators
  5. Tweak the combiner type to colour
  6. This will ask for R,G and B inputs.
  7. Connect the combiner output to the input of tint colour on the cube.
  8. Change wire blend in the combiner to overwrite.
  9. Connect one signal generator to each of the R, G and B inputs in the combiner.
  10. Tweak each of the signal generators and set phase offset to 30 in the first, 60 in the second and 90 in the third
  11. Hit start time and the cube will change colour.

Tweak Menus

2.07 Combiner

[image from v2.07; same in v2.09]

  1. Fat Wire Type
  2. Inputs/Output
    2a. Two or more inputs
    2b. One combined output
  3. Rotation Output Type
  4. Power
  1. Fat Wire Type
    Choose what type of fat wire you require. By default, this is “Signal”. From left to right:
    Row 1: Boolean; Number; Colour; Transform; Signal
    Row 2: 4 Numbers; 3 Numbers; 2 Numbers; Spice & Randomisation
    Row 3: Rotation; 8 Numbers; Collision; Sticks; Music
    Row 4: Player Info
  2. Inputs/Output
    Up to 8 wires can be input into the left hand side of the gadget (depending on “Fat Wire Type” – and this determines the names of the inputs). A single combined wire is output from the right hand side.
  3. Rotation Output Type
    This option is specific to the “Rotation” fat wire type. It allows you to input the rotation information in two different ways.

    • Yaw, Pitch, and Roll
      Rotation will be entered as three angles: yaw, pitch and roll.
    • Axis & Angle
      Rotation will be specified by defining an axis and the angle around that axis: inputs X, Y and Z.
  4. Power
    This is where you turn the gadget on/off

Lex Tips

Useful Tutorials

Beginners Guide to the Splitter and Combiner

Version Updates

v2.03: “Rotation output type” added, allowing the user to choose between two different methods of inputting the rotation angle.


2 thoughts on “Logic Gadgets: Combiner

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  1. Hum, thks. I am trying to understand some transforms signal to emit objects exaclty in the angular position I want. Would there be a small error for the axis+ angle ? Axis would be X,Y,Z, and a fourth data for angle ? Thanks.


    1. There are only 3 dimensions and fourth is definitely not angle.The emitter contains a gizmo that you can point in the correct direction or are you trying to have that defined dynamically during the gameplay?


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