Random game ideas

Sometimes you can be stuck for a game idea. You could try a random game generator. Although possibly not the most professional way to come up with a game idea, sometimes these random word generators can come up with something pretty interesting that could get you thinking and maybe help you develop something unique and exciting.

Here are a few you could try.



This generator creates a sentence with a style of game and two ideas which may include a goal or an environment or game mechanic

First 3 examples I got:

An FPS where you blow up the president in a secret research facility.
So, Hitman meets Call of Duty?

A sim game where you mix-and-match family members until you’re bored
Basically that describes The Sims

A student project where you look at internet memes and you can control everyone in the game indirectly
Meme mind control. A game for Conspiracy Theorists.



This generator chooses options in the categories of Environment, Goal, Genre, Rules and Wildcard

First 3 examples I got:

Adventure game set in a cave where the goal is to survive with limited inventory and robots
That actually sounds viable, Maybe set on a planet you have crashed landed onto.

A Sim game set in a castle where you have to collect all the items but you can only select connecting items with the random feature of household chores.
A Vacuum Cleaner Sim?

A one touch game where you have to find fruit in a supermarket with a limited inventory
Sounds like a Candy Crush clone to me



This chooses random suggestions in the categories of Theme, Genre, Core Aesthetic, Objective and Design Challenge.

First 3 examples I got

Theme: Comedy, Genre: Hack and Slash, Core Aesthetic: Control and Leadership, Objective to Explore, Design Challenge: Diplomacy
A comedy hack and slash is probably doable, but what on earth is design diplomacy?

Theme: Comedy, Genre: Quiz, Core Aesthetic:Mastery/Skills, Objective to Solve, Design Challenge: Abstract graphics
A comedy quiz with abstract graphics. Catchphrase?

Theme: Survival Horror, Genre: Action Adventure, Core Aesthetic: Waves of Entities, Objective to Solve, Design Challenge: Casual gameplay
A point and click adventure puzzler where there is a threat of zombies but you never see them (I dont think a Zombie Apocalypse can be a casual game can it?)



This makes suggestions by combining two existing games and a genre. It shows you clips of the games in case you are unfamiliar with them.

First 3 examples I got

Wobbles Meets Children of Liberty Puzzle Platfomer Stealth Action Game

Lemmings meets Saturday morning cartoons set in 18th Century America. Throw in some Hamilton style rap and you might have something there

FEZ Meets Trid Puzzle Platformer Grid Based Puzzle Game

Vertical platformer where you have to create shapes on a grid to open up new areas

Flappy Bird avoids Dodgeballs. Possibly the worst idea yet.



This generates a random game idea from the letters and numbers you put into a form. Same words, same suggestion. Gives you a game name and a sentence to describe that game.

My first 3 examples

Potatoes HD
A 1930’s era role playing game where you harvest potatoes with permadeath
Pulling up vegetables was never more dangerous. Al Capone meets Farm Simulator. Mindboggling.

Witches X
A war game where you evade witches with character classes and ragdoll physics
Nothing more scary than a ragdoll witch on a broomstick coming at you

Lions 9
A fighting game where you liberate lions with an isometric perspective
Lets save those lions by beating up American dentists


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