Create a timer with time you can alter

By LadylexUK (with code from COB_Commander)

Although we are given a timer gadget, it requires you to know how long the timer is to run for. In a situation with a clock, you may not know this information. Also, you have no way to alter that time as there is no input socket only outputs. This method creates a timer using the score and score modifier gadgets.

  1. Place a timer with a 1 second count
  2. Place a Score Gadget – name is “Timer”
  3. Place a Score Modifier – add “Timer” to what it will modify
  4. Set the Score Modifier operation to Add and the number to 1
  5. Wire the timer finished pulse to reset on itself
  6. Wire the finished pulse to the score modifier into Score modifier power
  7. Wire the “Timer” Score Gadget to a Number Displayer and change setting to time

Now we have a timer that will count up indefinitely.

If you wish to alter the time – add or remove seconds for example

  1. Add a 2nd Score Modifier (as in step 3)
  2. Set the operation to add a positive number or Add a negative number (technically will remove)
  3. Now you need to wire into the power with whatever causes the time to alter such as a button press or a counter

You can reverse this to be a countdown timer by reversing the add 1 to add -1.

You can stop the timer by powering off the modifier.


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