Making changes to an original object and its clones

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Changing all copies by only tweaking the original object?

Is there any way to change all clones properties just by changing the original object they were copied from? I saved my first sculpt as a creation, then copied multiple times, and then I went to edit source, but after changing it and going back to the level no clones have changed.


If you want to be able to update the clones of an element, you must save it to the Dreamiverse (or locally) before you clone it for the Update Mode to work.

Once it’s saved, then clone it, and when you update the source element, the ones in your scene will update using the update tool. They will NOT update automatically.

Any clone made before it was saved will not update using Update Mode.

Changes made to an element in the scene will not get passed back to the source element, so you must make changes there only if you want them to filter back up the genealogy.

An additional thing that may help is live cloning. If you use the clone tool (assembly menu) rather than the shortcut, you can use L1 when cloning to create a live clone. Live clones will propagate their changes to their live clones withing the scene, but again will not propagate back to the source element file.

Update mode is in the modes menu. It will display a red notification pip if any elements in the scene have newer versions available.

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