Gothic Novel Game Jam (Video Breakdowns)

Live Stream on Twitch by Media Molecule
Posted to YouTube: 30th July 2018
Length: 1:15:43

The team create a medieval gothic fantasy set from pre-made assets.

0.00 Pause screen
1.24 Start of stream and Introductions
3:05 Building a gothic cathedral set (includes brickwork, doorways, arches, columns, torches)
19:42 Adding a female knight character (brief look at brain without any in depth explanation)
27:14 Look at a statue enemy briefly before being removed
28:28 Adding a stained glass window
34:45 Changing lighting ambience
36:35 Adding lightning ( with logic)
41:14 Adding Sound effects (rain, wind, thunder)
50:25 More lighting effects
52:01 Changing sounds to reflect position (as if you are indoors)
54:23 Setting up the scene with the opening doors and outside space (trigger zones, rain, NOT gate)
1:03:07 Adding an arrow trap (emitters, trigger zones and projectiles)
1:15:06 End

Lucid Stew Breakdown

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