Mega Penguin – WTF?

Media Molecule spent 2 days during E3 doing a non competitive Gamejam. With input from developers and the Community they came up with Mega Penguin, a movie featuring a beefed up penguin character and friends.

My thoughts

I am beginning to wonder if all this time spent developing Dreams has somehow completely addled the brains of the Media Molecule team. What on earth is this? It has a similar vibe to the “Hug me I’m scared” videos and if you dont know what that is imagine an episode of Sesame Street seen through the eyes of someone high on LSD. Yes, this movie is that odd.

The beefed up penguin could have been an interesting character – why is he so muscular? What is his backstory? In a game with him in he could use his strength to lift heavy objects or pull stuff. But, no. His muscles are irrelevant because this penguin’s special powers appears to be to fart out mini penguins who turn into zombie green penguins. What? The lady penguins are impressed and build a snowman rocket ship with breasts ( again, what?). He then walks in on yet another scene of singing and instrument playing fruit, and more farted-out penguin appear before the door closes.

Seriously Media Molecule this video is doing you no favours at all. The lack of any “games” coming out of your “game creator” is a real concern. We need to see some variety of actual games now, not movies not art, and definitely not arty movies. This Gamejam level is not only weird but it does not show your game off. It looks childish and thrown together – which I believe is exactly what happened here. I am sure you had fun making it, but it is not selling, it is not enthusing. Comment on the video that are not increasingly angry demands for a release and beta date include “This is horrifying”, “This is not what I want to see”, “Im not really impressed right now”.

We have been told how comprehensive the logic is going to be and how we can create pretty much anything. I think its time either Media Molecule showed us more of that potential with some actual games with actual goals or better still let us make them ourselves. #weneedalaunchdatenow


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