Dreams Geek Stats

Every week I record data from the most thumbed up feed. Here are some interesting geeky stats for you from 20th Sep 2020.

  1. To get in the top 500 you need 3340 likes
  2. To get in the top 1000 you need 1738 likes,  (1000 is the maximum number available in any feed)
  3. 47% of the top 500 are pre launch, 53% are post launch
  4. 62% of the top 100 are pre launch, 38% are post launch
  5. 50% of the top 10 are made by Media Molecule
  6. 24% of the top 500 are copyright infringing
  7. 18 of the top 500 (4%) are Memes
  8. 58 of the top 500 are VR compatible or VR only (12%)
  9. 99 of the top 500 are platformers (must popular genre) (20%)
  10. Only 2% of the top 500 are not Dreams and they were all made pre launch
  11. The most popular game is currently Southpaw Cooking with 1852 likes this week*


*It is not possible to be 100% accurate with this as Media Molecule does not provide a feed of the current most popular levels of any release date. It is possible that a level launched more than 4 weeks ago may have got a late increase of likes that is more than the increase on all levels and has less than 3k in total, however this scenario would be highly unusual, so I believe this is as accurate as is possible at the present time.


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