Community Creations #55

Live Stream Thursday 6th August

Community Creations (not in order shown)

Spooky VR Boat Ride by SPINEBLOOD
This Side Up! by Idle_Orion
Archery VR WIP by Siramini
PULSE REDUX by Amenjo1
Planetary Defense Commander by Gr82cu2m8, The_Tenia
Toggle by leNainSauvageZen
Goldfish Garden (金魚の庭園)VR by ykingyo
Lanzot’s Heart & Home (Teaser Trailer) by venwave, TomDent_XD
W.706 by jc04tu
BOX inc.Beta by Arka__7
Relaxing Walk by skfletch1
Inland Waters by Sonnenburgx
The Tenor by doepfish
Woman with Basket of Figs by ZIIQ
LUCID by iBubek
Forgotten by Fleckromancer
Industrial Energy by Nitro-Arts7472
Funk by JaquanBoss16
DISINTEGRATION by BackToMan, DioHannibal6
Golden Obelisk  by Chris_Redwalker6
Bonsai Tree Sculpture (The Stylistic) by Second–Smile–
Opposite Day 9: This One is Set in a Mall For Some Reason by MrCaseyJones
Bricklayer Simulator by Fabix


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