Dr Lex Quick Tutorials #1-#10

Compilation How to videos based on subscriber comments. Timestamps open the video on YouTube.

Dr Lex #1

0:07 Pouring wine into a glass 5:59 Changing the Visual Feedback settings 7:09 Adding hands 10:43 Triggering things once 13:04 Make a lever with a bolt connector

Dr Lex #2

0:10 Floppy paint strokes 2:05 Footprint emitting on different surfaces 6:54 Basketball scoring 13:10 Change octave of music

Dr Lex #3

0:26 One animation at a time 3:53 Wobbly antenna 6:36 Music zones 11:57 Pick up and throw

Dr Lex #4

0:06 Switch between characters 8:05 Reset single animation not scene 11:56 Brightness settings in game slider

Dr Lex #5

0:27 Looping music with a selector 9:45 Counting colours 16:25 Putting an imp face on

Counting demo: https://indreams.me/scene/dRwsMEmVBmB

Dr Lex #6

0:26 Open a door when all gems collected 4:16 Picking up a puppet with another puppet 9:05 Input a number code 18:15 Place objects randomly

Doors: https://indreams.me/scene/dnrrMqYyoYw
Random locations:

Dr Lex #7

0:36 Teleporting through a door 8:46 Detect if a player is running 11:17 Cannot punch when crouched 16:26 Scoping things into a puppet

Dr Lex #8

2:45 Legato and Crescendo 10:44 Cut and Crop Tools 26:53 Cameras and hiding imp for Art scenes



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