Should we stream Art’s Dream before launch?

I have the honour of taking part in the launch day of Dreams by taking an hour slot in the 24 hour stream. As part of the instructions of what was expected we were asked not to show the campaign “Art’s Dream” as they wanted people to experience and discover it for themselves and not have it spoiled for them by a streamer. They also asked us not to give away spoilers.

Sadly there are a few Dreamers with YouTube channels and streams who intend to ignore this and stream Art’s Dream as soon as they can – hoping I guess to get some sort of scoop for their channel (as Early Access owners get the update on Tuesday, three days before official launch). They feel the instructions are only for the 24 hour stream and cannot possibly apply to them. Unfortunately I could not get clarification from Media Molecule on Twitch as to what they would prefer us to do.  I would ask everyone to avoid those streamers for the time being, until you have played the campaign yourself. This, to me is clearly how Media Molecule would prefer owners of Dreams to experience their game – first hand.

It is sad to me that some fans of the game choose to ignore the wishes of Media Molecule, despite praising them for months on how wonderful the game is and how much they respect the team for making it. I do not think much respect is being shown here by these people. Wait three days, that is all, and then stream the campaign to your heart’s content. But excitement and impatience appears to be stronger than respecting Media Molecules wishes. They are no better than those who chose to put up videos of Dreams when the NDA is in place in my opinion.

I do not want the campaign spoiled by watching someone else play it. Now, I do watch let’s plays of games I do not own, but only to get a flavour, I do not watch the whole thing so that when I come to play it, it is second hand. And for games I am particularly excited by that have strong story elements, I try to avoid watching them. Same with movies. I don’t want the ending ruined for me by a YouTuber who can’t stop with the spoilers. However, some games are difficult, and a good walkthrough tutorial can be invaluable, so I am not against having the whole campaign committed to video to help people after launch. However I feel showing the campaign early as an exclusive will ruin the experience for some people who have not got the game, and have no chance to get the game, but are desperate to see Dreams content.

I feel this may divide opinion in the community, and we don’t need a rift a few days before launch. But, I still think it is a shame that spoilers for a game that has not launched yet are deemed to be people’s right to share, because they have them.


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