Forum Quickies from June 2019

The following advice was given on the How Do I section in Not all the advice came from Media Molecule and I have not checked the validity of any of this. I would like to thank all contributors to the forum for this information.

  • To make a speaker broadcast to the entire level, turn off 3D panning
  • Destroying logic chips frees up more memory than powering off
  • When you set a target for the emitter, the object you target is still in the level it just gets powered off. Powered off objects still cost you performance and thermo although they not quite as expensive as when they are powered on. So if you just want to turn some section of your level on and off I would start it powered off. Power it on when you need it (don’t emit it) and then delete when you no longer need it. Use the emitter if you want to create multiple copies of something.
  •  If you just want to pass a boolean around you might want to consider using Variables. Trigger zones incur a search through the level for tags (without a zone that can be especially expensive) whereas Variables are directly linked to each other by (secret!) wires.
  • Editing volume levels on just part of a timeline can be achieved with an effect field placed in the timeline at the relevant part.
  • Stick a speaker gadget into a music or voice timeline and you can wire the envelope output for the entire piece rather than wiring all individual instrument blocks.
  • Auto Guide Surface Snap uses the Grab Point.  Go and edit the original element. Turn on grab points in menu > show/hide. A little white blob will appear; this is what part of the creation will be at the imp’s tip when importing. Move it to the surface you want to be “the surface” to snap. Save it, and update it in the scene you used it in (menu > modes > update). Now, the auto-guide should snap based on that grab point.
  • Double tapping will select everything – and that includes notes on a piano roll
  • You can only add 128 Persistent Variables, but other variables are not included in this limit
  • If you run out of local space you can launch levels to private and then delete. You will still see the levels in your feed, but the space has been freed up. Only problem, you cannot delete them permanently.
  • Sun shadows have a draw distance limit
  • If you launch a level and then edit it and remove elements from the Dreamiverse, the creators name will still appear in the credits.
  • Paint can be attached at both ends
  • A puppet’s head sculpt is connected to the default puppet camera, if you replace the head sculpt with a new one then the camera will be effected. Your puppet could become invisible.
  • You can hide the imp in Global settings.
  • When your imp starts to drift, set your controller down on a still surface and hold the options button.
  • To get all text gadgets using the same colour, select them all and change one.



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