Just a Few More Tips, Tricks and Beta Creations

By Media Molecule
Date: 11 Feb 2019 (Twitch 8 Feb 2019)

The final Beta Stream

Moonlighting Molecules

Seal puddin by Sneakachu25 (Alex Perry)
Smash it up by Pangoman (Mike Pang)
Chef VS Chocolate from Space by urbandevill (Christophe Villedieu)
Giraffe Roundup by Munkaay (Dan Goddard)

Community levels

Rat City by MantisPsychosis
Zombie Survival – MMHQ by Aecert
Dragon Showcase by gauffreman
Frederick Fox Puppet by codibear8383
Sloth  by Colarr_
Rainfall on Woodland Path – First Person Scene by CA-Radford
Praying Mantis Showcase by Lidas
Zhuzhu Dreams of Flight by Flash Medallion
Just Cube Things by ObviouslyMike
Off-road Racing by The Zarrich
RADICAL by The Oneironaut
World’s End Monastery by flippy3007
Eraser (Two Tone) by ReddishBoat
Rancho Frodo by leklack
Quadlite by mistwinsounds
Divide by Iownyou21
Ultra realistic FPS Prototype by VirtuallyVain
Dungy’s Duty by Redrum237 -___-
Chinese New Year: At the temple by dirtyharry_44
The Hollow by Digitalthing
MachineLore by Majoneskongen
Death’s Holiday (Motion) by SuperScott597 (a remix of a level by¬†Jenga_bean)
Torch Top by Cubixphere
Pew-pew-pew by SlurmMackenzie
3 axis rotator by Nikidan
The water gardens – visual exploration by HalfUp
SpiderBot by allan_Huidobro
Trash by crEATureSUPREME
Stag beetle by Mona71usa
Chinese Dragon – WIP by DIamondDiancie10
Eva Pulsar by GamergirlAlexe
New years ball by Kozie222
Metal Beetle by Captain_Jul
Final Farewell Fireworks by Stacey_jb6
Chinese Alley by GentlemanTom


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