Community Trailers (2019)

Videos posted to YouTube by the Community as trailers for their games. Please let me know in the comments below if you have posted a YouTube trailer for your game (or a trailer for Dreams) so I can add it here. I am looking for marketing style trailers, not Dreams compilations or lets plays.

Made During Creator Beta

Stranded by DreamTinder
4 Feb 2019
3D Puzzle Platformer

Who’s Afraid of the Dark by LadylexUK
9 Apr 2019
Puzzle Platformer.
Play as a boy trapped in a pitch dark world where only the light from his ghosts can show him the way out.
New Year’s Magic by Sakku’s Mind
10 Apr 2019
First person adventure

Made During Early Access

 What is Dreams by Dreamimations
13 May 2019
Promo for Dreams
Yang by CuriousDark
14 May 2019
Teaser Trailer for a film
Stunt Team Stupid by Twin Brothers (JCrules)
26 May 2019
Teaser trailer for Stunt Car Game
Guardians by DISARMEDX (EpicLBPTime)

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