Why am I excluded from LadylexUK made charts, videos and collections?

I do not generally like to exclude anyone in the Dreamiverse. I have only blocked a handful of people, and they were mainly due to abusive comments by trolls who do not create in Dreams and just write hateful, racist, sexist and vulgar comments. I do not like blocking Dreams creators because it interferes with making charts and compiling collections and making videos.

However, the fact that I do not block creators does not stop them from blocking me. There are creators who do not like being put into Dreams collections, do not want to be played on Twitch, do not want their creations shown on YouTube, or just want to exclude me for whatever reason. When you are blocked on Dreams you cannot see the blocker and they cannot see you. Mm playlists that contain their creations have black boxes instead. Collaborations with blockers can sometimes also be inaccessible. You do not know who is blocking you, for what reason, and there is no appeal process.

Although I do not know why someone has chosen to block me, I will honour that. So I do not play, curate or film any creation that is made by, collaborated with, or prominently featuring a Dreamer who has blocked me. I used to have an article with the names of those people so that Dreamers could make an informed decision when featuring or collaborating, and were not surprised or disappointed when their creations did not appear in my collections, website or YouTube channel. Unfortunately Mm took exception to this, believing that I was encouraging people to block (despite being transparent in the reason for the list, and my dislike of blocking in general) and I have taken that list down. Mm have removed my website from promotion on their site.

So, if you have a creation that does not appear in the charts despite having enough thumbs up, or if you have launched a creation that you were surprised not to see on my recommendations page, then it may be because you featured or collaborated with a Dreamer who does not want me to promote them. I am trying to do right by their decision, regardless if it was made with vindictive motives. This will not affect any other creations you may make and you will not be blocked by me for collaborating with blockers, I just wont feature your creations made with them. Unfortunately I cannot tell you who they are, so sadly you cannot be an informed creator.


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