Latest Tutorials Added 2021

This page is now for recording which tutorials have been added when.

2 Oct:
Making of Real Time/Timelapse: How To: Make a Film Concept Art using Dreams – Masterclass (Tutorial) | Dreams PS4/PS5 Sakkus Mind
Logic: UI/HUD: Dreams Ps4/Ps5 Game Over Tutorial (how to) Young Text
Animation: Finding the Duration of a Timeline | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial, Finding the Framerate | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial
Logic: Game Design Elements: Adding a Block Push Mechanic | Dreams PS4 PS5 Tutorial Vince Kully
Logic: Game Types: Planet Walking – Part 1: Custom Gravity Direction | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial, Planet Walking – Part 2: Orienting the Camera | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial
Logic: AI and NPCs: Patrol Route – Part 1: Setting Routes | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial, Patrol Route – Part 2: Processing in Turns | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial, Patrol Route – Part 3: Chase | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial
Mm Official Tutorials: How to Create a Ghost Train! 👻🎢 | #AllHallowsDreams Ghost Train Track Tutorial,How to Design a Scarecrow! 😱 | #AllHallowsDreams Scarecrow Tutorial , How to Carve a Pumpkin! 🎃 | #AllHallowsDreams Pumpkin Tutorial
Music and Sound: Music Layering – Part 1 | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial, Music Layering – Part 2: Transitions | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial
Logic: Character Skills: Shadow Clone | Dreams PS4 | Ability Guide meanlad, Perch/Spire Balance Mechanic | Dreams ps4 tutorial Jesse Goonerage
Logic: Weapons and Combat Kamehameha / Energy Blast | Ability Guide | Dreams PS4 meanlad, Adding Enchantments to Weapons and Armor In My RPG In Dreams! Aecert, PS4 Dreams: Dynamic hit effect tutorial oteraa

23 Sep:
Logic: Collectables and Inventories: Making a Low-Thermo Collectable Placeholder  TAPGiles
Logic: Other Game Mechanics/Controls: Control Mapping: Part 1 – Linking | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial, Control Mapping: Part 2 – Player Configuration | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial, Control Mapping: Part 3 – Saving & Restoring | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial, Dreams PS4/PS5 Tutorial – Multiple Button Sequences Aleezy
Logic: Game design Elements/Puzzle: Word Lock: Part 1 – Logic Interface | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial, Word Lock: Part 2 – Storing Multiple Values in a Single Number | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial, Word Lock: Part 3 – Changing Letters | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial, Word Lock : Part 4 – Puzzle Mechanics | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial
Animation: Simple animation tutorial-[Dreams PS4] BDrizzygames
Weapons and Combat: How to: Rocket launcher. Dreams PS tutorial Sharfik
Logic: Character Skills/Special Abilities: How to make basic Spiderman physics Dreams ps4 tutorial The Spectacular Spideyfan

9 Sep:
Making of Real Time/ Time Lapse: March of the Undead Orcs – Timelapse – Dreams PS5 Martin Nebelong, Virtual clay – Dreams PS5 showcase Martin Nebelong, Let’s Make TANJIRO in DREAMS PS4 | Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba Meanlad, How I created THE WORLDS BIGGEST MIRROR in Dreams PS4/PS5 (Salar de Uyuni) Sakkus Mind
Logic: Character Skills Special Abilities: Dreams PS4 | Web Swing | Ability Guide Meanlad
Logic: Misc/Numbers: How to make GLOBAL VARIABLES in DREAMS Meanlad

7 Sep:

Logic: Level Linking: Scene Routing | TAP Giles
Logic: UI and HUD: 2D Sprite of a 3D Object | TAP Giles
Logic: Collectables: Optimising a Pickup Effect | TAP Giles

4 Sep:

Logic: Game Types: Golf: Part 1 – Mechanic | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial, Golf: Part 2 – Physics, and Sinking the Ball | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial
Logic: Game Mechanics/Puzzle Elements: Button Code – Part 1 : Optimisation
Button Code – Part 2 : Expandability TAPGiles

13 Aug:
General Game Development: Level Design Workshop: Designing Radically Non-Linear Single Player Levels GDC, Why Is It So Hard To Make Games On Rails?  Design Doc
Making Of/Timelapse: Autumn Tree Forest! Joy Rock Studios, Ancient civilization – Dreams PS5 concept art timelapse Martin Nebelong, The Hunter’s Tavern – Art Timelapse | Dreams PS4 Jhaycee, Dragon Rider – Timelapse – Dreams PS5 Martin Nebelong, Bob Ross study timelapse – Dreams PS5 Martin Nebelong
Sculpting/Thermometer: Dreams PS4 PS5 – Trading or Balancing Graphics and Gameplay Thermos Tutorial Lucid Stew
Sculpting/Props: How I made super detailed Wood (Short Tutorial) | Dreams PS4/PS5 SakkusMind
Sculpting/Character Design: Dreams PS4 / PS5 – Simple Outlines Tutorial (Read Description) SaltLevelsMax
Misc Logic: Dreams PS4 PS5 – DeMorgan’s Laws Logic Tutorial Lucid Stew
Weapons and Combat: Dreams PS4 | Custom Explosions | Gameplay Guide MEANLAD
Animation: How To: Make awesome Idle Animations in Dreams PS4/PS5 SakkusMind , Paint: Animating Strokes | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial, Paint: Fleck Effects and Animation | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial, Transform Recording | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial
Painting: Paint: Fleck Density | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial , Paint: Drawing Precise Strokes | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial, Dreams Ps4/Ps5 Pixel Art Tutorial (how to make pixel art and 2D sprites) 2021 YoungText
Logic: Character Skills: Rope Swing Tutorial for Dreams PS4 and PS5 Vince Kully, Grapple Swing Tutorial | Dreams PS4 PS5 Vince Kully

Apologies for the pause in entries. This is what happened while we were away.

9-15 Aug:
Media Molecule Summer Break. Mm are on holiday this week
27 Jul – 31 Jul:
Dreamscom 21. Dreams virtual expo for this year. 47 Halls and over 250 Booths. Plus Trailers and Media Molecule daily streams.

Dreams with LadylexUK: 17 Jul-12 Aug
DUMM: Rolling Cubes: Dreams You Might Have Missed: Rolling Cubes (Dreams PS4 / PS5)
Tools Tutorials:
Dreams Tools Tutorial | Sculpt Mode: Surface Snap
Dreams Tools Tutorial | Sculpt Mode: Tentacle Snap
Dreams Tools Tutorial: Grid Snap (Dreams PS4 PS5)
Timelapse Build Bob Ross Challenge in Dreams
Dreamscom21 Walkthrough and Trailers: Dreamscom21
10 Dreams: 10 Dreamers: Gamemakers you should follow

Fri 16 Jul:
Dreams with LadylexUK: Latest tool tutorial and How to make a cursor instead of an imp for a menu

Thur 15 Jul:
Dreams with LadylexUK: Compilation of Alternate Realities Remixes

Wed 14 Jul:
Dreams with LadylexUK: 10 Dreams All Dreamers must Play
Last day of Alternate Realities Challenge

Tue 13 Jul:
Dreams with LadylexUK: Best of Dreams this Week compilation

Mon 12 Jul:
Top 20 of the Week launched with video on Dreams with LadylexUK.
Friday Night Funkin has been removed due to adult content. Please be aware of the rules regarding appropriate content in Dreams and follow the rules so this sort of thing does not happen.

Sun 11 Jul:
Logic: Weapons and Combat: Dreams PS4 | Kratos’s Axe / Returning Weapon | Ability Guide, Dreams PS4 | Kratos’s Axe / Returning Weapon Part 2 | Ability Guide MEANLAD, Dreams PS4 | Homing Missile | Ability Guide MEANLAD
Making of Timelapse: Creating a Super Detailed Forest in Dreams PS4/PS5 (Timelapse/Speed Art) SakkusMind
Logic: beginners Guides: Dreams Tools Tutorial: Looseness (Dreams PS4 / PS5) LadylexUK

Fri 9 Jul:
Playstation System Software update 8.52 needs to be installed followed by Dreams update 2.28. (Mercedes-Benz game, and PS5 visuals improved to 60FPS)
Launch of Mercedes-Benz Collaboration
MegaPenguin launches a sneak peek at the Dreamscom set and promptly gets fired.

Thur 8 Jul:
Dreams with LadylexUK: DUMM Episode 2
LadylexUK Twitch Stream: Made a stone pedestal with shackles and a Magicians symbol.
The Little Ninja nomination for a Young Game Designers BAFTA did not result in a win, but congratulations to Finley Jackson for the nomination at only 16 years old.

Making of Timelapse: Realistic Flamethrower Sculpture | Time Lapse | Dreams Ps4 Ps5 DuChatNot, Modeling Shadow’s Shoes (Dreams PS4) JoshmanBlue07
General Game Development: Why these enemies are deliberately HARD to shoot? Game Design with Michael, Critiquing Game Visuals: Common Problems and How to Solve Them GDC
Logic: Character Skills: How to use my stamina logic template KNPlaysTutorials
Cameras and Lighting: Dreams PS4 PS5 – Adjusting Lighting With Materials Tutorial Lucid Stew, Fake bounced light – Dreams quick tip video Martin Nebelong
Sculpting: Prop Design: Varying loosenes – Dreams Quick tip Martin Nebelong

Wed 7 Jul 21:
Dreams with LadylexUK. Dreams Tools Tutorial Sculpting Looseness tool.
Mm announce that Dreams is on sale at 50% until 21st July

Tue 6 Jul 21:
Dreams with LadylexUK. This week in Dreams featuring MegaPenguin Rehatched

Mon 5 Jul 21:
Dreams Top 20 updated. MegaPenguin has finally knocked Friday Night Funkin from its top spot it has held since 10th May.
Mm have renamed their Twitter as Megapenguin on behalf of Media Molecule, and are posting as if they are the buff bird.

  • Sun 4 Jul 21:

    TWITCH (a sample of Streams)

    JoeRyan: New Enemies for Colloseum Game
    Stop the Grief: Arts Dream
    Wyldeblade: Playing Dreams
    kingofspades675: Day 116
    alcoholica_one: Dreams
    Yah_Deh: Dragon, Racoon and Crab Sculpt
    LilyBlue53: American Games
    4insertfunnynamehere4: Dreams
    riku_anita_8687: Ship Crafting
    MySummerJob: Making stuff
    cutaia: Unexciting Asset jam
    ZBoy_andZBeast: Working on Kikumi Hime

  • Sat 3 Jul 21:

    TWITCH (a sample of Streams)

    NeverOverGaming: Dreaming and Streaming
    sourpixel25: Dreams
    Whiplash103: Dreams
    iyzDarmz: Dreams
    HalloweenGhoul: How to make a snake
    your_daddy0312: Finishing head sculpt
    ItsAllStar: Beanbob101 VideoJam , Shields and Shadows
    The_Sensational_Skele: Making some assets
    robobo96: Sculpting a fantasy house
    LyzLdy: Dreams, Logic Curation
    Bootay13: Dreams
    Pierogiboi: Dreams and Karaoke
    ZBoy_andZBeast: Working on Kikumi Hime
    PieceofCraft: New Kart for my Kart Racer
    MrCaseyJones: Chuckle Challenge
    gekOh: Dreams
    crashfan776: Dreams
    Captain_StormTimber: Playing Dreams
    Derecuda: Trying out Dreams on PS5
    zenobiosgaming: Dreams
    sourpixel125: Dreams
    JoeRyan: Enemy Logic Time
    HalloweenGhoul: Dreams or Nightmares
    VinceKully: music Making
    jitzstardust: Playing Dreams with a guest
    kOna_: Finishing LOCK

  • Fri 2 Jul 21:
    LadylexUK: I play the Top 20 Dreams and vote on the Pet Gamejam 2-4pm BST
    ItsAllStar: Interview with Dreamers about Pride Event
  • Thur 1 Jul 21:

    Dreams with LadylexUK: Results of June’s design challenge “Kings and Queens” and launch of July “Seaside”
    LadylexUK: I make 2 dungeon assets (Hanging Cage and Iron Maiden)
    Mm: Community Creations #95
  • Wed 30 Jun 21:

    Launch of MegaPenguin Rehatched, a platforming adventure made by Media Molecule. The Pebble Arch is revealed as being part of the portal between between scenes.The community are invited to make their own levels for the game to be put into a compilation Dream.

    Dreams with LadylexUK: How to make an ident design similar to Entropy-Tamed
    LadylexUK: I make 2 more remixes of the Alternative Realities scene.
    Mm: Launch of MegaPenguin Rehatched
  • Tue 29 Jun 21:

    Update 2.27 launched see

    Dreams with LadylexUK: This Week in Dreams launched. Highlights include Golfito, Spin Ship, Inanimate Bandits
  • Mon 28 Jun 21:

    Best of Dreams updated with a new design for the recommended Dreams of the week. This week’s spotlight is Collections.
    ItsAllStar: Dreams Sounds and Love Music Jam 9pm BST

  • Sat 26 Jun 21:

    UI and HUD: Radial Menus | Dreams Tutorial PS4 PS5 Vince Kully
    Cameras, Lighting and Animation: DreamsFest Lighting and Camera Tutorial! BeardofCats
    Sound and Music: Flute – Part 1: Reading Musical Notes | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial, Flute – Part 2: Creating Your Own Realtime Pattern | TAPgiles Dreams Tutorial
    Logic Character Skills: How Do I? Tap and Double Tap (Dreams PS4 / PS5) LadylexUK, How do I? Run button and cooldown (Dreams PS4 /PS5) LadylexUK
    Beginners Guides: Dreams Tools Tutorial: Sculpt Mode Spraypaint (Dreams PS4 /PS5) LadylexUK


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