Dreams Geek Stats Companion

CategoryName of CreationAuthor(s)As ofThumbs Up
Most popular CreationSouthpaw CookingKapten_basse9 May 2021172,731
Most popular DreamSouthpaw CookingKapten_basse9 May 2021172,731
Most popular SceneFirst Person Shooter BasicMedia Molecule9 May 20216,789
Most popular ElementMecha Whale icecreamcheese9 May 20218,111
Most popular CollectionAncient Times KitMedia Molecule9 May 20214,107
Most popular VR onlyBeat SaberMonocledRobot9 May 20214,976
Most popular ArcadeSouthpaw CookingKapten_basse9 May 2021172,731
Most popular 8 Bit styleGalaxy Cadet 2020Rbd_Jellyfish, Phreakerz9 May 202123,873
Most popular 3D Adventure/RPGHeroes of AldrenorDarkestEssence9 May 202141,085
Most popular FPSFallout 4: Dreams EditionRobo_Killer_v2 9 May 202155,592
Most popular 3PSLaser Sword Arenavideogamerkid79 May 202132,334
Most popular RacingTectonicsanderobros, SDorin9 May 202153,096
Most Popular HorrorP.T (EA 1.00)lewisc7299 May 202153,127
Most Popular 3D PlatformerBall World Adventures Part OnexXRazorfistXx9 May 202179,798
Most Popular PuzzleA Little PerspectiveRbdJellyfish, Phreakerz, S0G3K1NG_US0PP9 May 202133,277
Most popular Sports SimCone BallMedia Molecule10 May 202123,011
Most Popular 2D PlatformerComic SansMedia Molecule10 May 2021104,817
3D Artwork (Sculpture Dream)A Greasy MealVitaminG_9010 May 202155,779
2D Artwork (Painting Dream)Demon’s Penance TeaserTomek_Mrozinski10 May 20217,906
GalleryMm GalleryMedia Molecule10 May 202114,461
Music (Track)TomorrowHypertronik10 May 2021975
Music (Audio-Visual > Music)BOP!DISARMEDX10 May 202113,301
Animation (Feature)Star Wars – Episode IV: A New Hope (Battle of Hoth included)DrJones2010 May 202130.101
Animation (Short)Coffin Dance (NEW)O_G__KSA10 May 202127,824
Set Design & Scenic WalksCuriosityDISARMEDX10 May 202137,132
Tutorial & EducationArt Tutorial – OvergrownmBergs10 May 20211,449
Most popular character model (human)Sailor StanleyKermideus10 May 20213691
Most popular character model (non human)Mecha Whaleicecreamcheese10 May 20218112
Most popular realistic animalTyrannosaurus Klarakat PuppetHeartFactory-KW, KlaraKatt10 May 20213374
Most popular natural objectRealistic Rock Formation ModuleMasterClasses10 May 2021644
Most popular architectural objectDaria’s Flower Shopjakeinator12310 May 20211736
Most popular man made objectPS4 Controller interactive (+ effects)ruolbu10 May 20211588
Most popular microchipUI Icon CollectionAlados510 May 2021336
COLLECTIONS (non Official)
Most popular asset collectionNature AssetsBella_Iris10 May 2021331
Most popular game collectionGames Galore: Picks by The_TeniaThe_Tenia10 May 2021179
Most popular music collectionLittleBigPlanet “Music (Full OST’s)”stretchster10 May 2021163
Most popular asset kit (single creator non Mm)Sand Stone AssetsSootyPinions10 May 2021242
Most popular asset kit (team creation)Halloween Art Kit – Nature and DecorDiamondDiancie10, jplusb10 May 2021137

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