Dreams content improves but does it make a difference?

I have been making recommendations of what to play in Dreams since October 2020 and at that time the amount of Dreams in my collections was relatively modest. I was averaging about 50-60 Dreams. I am now regularly choosing 70-80. The quality of what I am picking is also improving. There has been some really professional-looking creations released recently including Slice by ManChickenTurtle and Noguchi’s Bell by Cyber Sheep Film (to name just two).

I no longer play everything released. The bug that prevents me from keeping my place has not gone away, and it makes it very difficult to be methodical and play everything. I have to pick and choose from thumbnail pictures, titles and like numbers to find things worth my time. There is still a lot of stuff I am not interested in, primarily the game clones of FNAF and Mario and Sonic, and most recently the hundreds of Friday Night Funkin levels. However, I do now add fan-made creations, but keep them in a separate section so that I dont accidentally get strikes on my YouTube channel.

Why has there been a quality upturn? It has been a year since launch. Dreamers that joined then have gained knowledge over the year and are now applying it. Older creators may have started their big projects last year, and they are now slowly getting released. There has also been some more interesting Gamejam themes that have encouraged innovation.

Have the like numbers improved along with the increase in quality? Sadly no. In fact like numbers have been steadily decreasing all year. April 2020 the Top 10 had around 10k likes, while in January 2021 the top 10 regularly saw over 5.5k likes the End of March only received 4.7k.

What does this mean for Dreams? I would like to think that with the increase in quality Dreams it might attract some more players, and maybe encourage some who have left to return. But, how will they know? Sadly we live in a world where the internet only shows us things we have expressed interest in and very rarely show us anything else. Dreams is not being put in front of many people as something new and exciting to try because a) There is no recent marketing b) The game is a year old c) There was very little marketing even when it was new d) Dreams interest has dropped with searches at 6% of what it was in Feb 2020 e) Nothing major has happened to Dreams to warrant more interest (such as a multiplayer addition).

Dreams is a great title, with tons of potential, but as with Project Spark it is still a niche hobby. I am not sure if it is even possible to encourage more participation than it already has, and it is likely to get less as time goes on. There is some activity within Mm to improve Dreams but I am not sure the changes are radical enough to make much of a difference. It wont be long before we get down to the core players, who will stick around and play Dreams as long as they are able, and will be loyal to the game. We will also see some amazing creations, and then they will fade off and we will get fewer of those. I dont know how long Dreams is going to be in my life. I will wait and see. If my YouTube channel drops below 100 views on a regular basis per video then I think maybe it may curtail my activities. But we will wait and see what happens.


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  1. Just want to say thanks for keeping this site going. When I get the urge to get back into working on my project I always return here. Best of wishes


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