Dreamiverse Song Contest 2021

Its time for the Annual Dreamiverse Song Contest.

This is a friendly contest. There are no prizes, just the joy of taking part. It is not official or run by Media Molecule.


  1. All musical compositions must be original. No covers. No remixes of other works.
  2. All music must be made in Dreams. You can add musical accompaniment recordings into Dreams but they cannot be samples of any copyright material.
  3. All entries must have been created and launched between 1st April – 30 April 2021. Due to timezone differences, I will be checking for the final list of entries at 11am on May 1st BST to ensure everyone gets the full Friday.
  4. All entries need to be tagged with #DSC2021 and the name of the fictional country being represented in the description of the Dream.
  5. A Dreams collection will be made for all entries.
  6. All entries must be public (public or playable). I cannot accept private creations with a collab request.
  7. You may collaborate. However you may only enter once. So no collaborating on multiple entries.
  8. All Dreamers are eligible to compete, including employees of Media Molecule except LadylexUK.
  9. Each participant will choose a fictional country to represent. This is just a fun addition to the contest to make it more like the Eurovision Song Contest and has no bearing on judging. Last year we had some Dreamers claiming popular countries to represent then not actually entering. So this year you will pick fictional countries with your entry (no pre-claiming) so hopefully there will not be a fight over representation. However, if the same fictional name is chosen by more than one competitor, it will be awarded first come first served, other names will need to be chosen. If you do not provide a country name, one will be assigned to you on the Final night.
  10. Music can be a song or an instrumental.
  11. Songs can be in any language including made up languages.
  12. Songs may not contain profanities.
  13. Music can be in any genre.
  14. You can enter with a track or a music video, but all entries must be in the Dreams format. As Twitch is a visual medium it is preferred if the Dream is interesting to watch. Contestants are reminded when voting that it is the music you are voting on, and not the animation. You may use any Dreamiverse assets in order to make your visualisation, you do not have to have made everything yourself.
  15. Composition should not exceed 3 minutes and should be more than 30 seconds long (this matches the requirements of the Eurovision Song Contest on which this is loosely based).
  16. Voting will take place by email by the participants to dscvoting@gmail.com between 2nd May and 7th May
  17. Voting works like this:
    All participants vote on their favourite 5 songs by country. They cannot include their own. They allocate 5,4,3,2, and 1 point to their favourites.
    Every participant who votes gets 5 points added to their country’s score, so it is to your advantage to vote.
    Songs in the Dreamiverse will receive likes by players. Those likes will be added up on final night after the last song is played, and the top 5 will be awarded 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2 points.
  18. How to Vote
    Participating contestants only. Send an email  to dsc2020vote@gmail.com after watching/listening to all entries to contain your votes. You cannot vote for your own country. It should look something like this
    Here are the votes from {your country}
    5 points = France
    4 points: Magicalland
    3 points: Mexico
    2 points: Uruguay
    1 point: Sri Lanka
  19. How to Vote
    General public
    Watch/listen to all the entries and thumb up those that you like. You do not have to choose 5 entries. The public vote will close on the Finals night. The public vote will count as an extra contestant (see point 17)
  20. The final will be live streamed on Twitch on my account LadylexUK. On Saturday 8th May at 7pm. All entries will be played and the results announced.
  21. There are no prizes other than the honour of winning. I am not participating in the contest personally and I will collate the votes to ensure fairness.
  22. Due to a perceived lack of interest in my Twitter post, I am adding this proviso. If I get less than 6 entries I will cancel the contest and there will not be any voting or Twitch stream.

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