LOCK Walkthrough

Winner of Creation of the Year 2nd Annual Impys 2021. By PixelGorilla and team.


Here is a walkthrough with hidden hints for when you get stuck. Click on the Hints/Solutions to reveal.

In order not to spoil the game, please try hard before looking for the hints and solutions.


  1. Arrival.
    Walk up the path. The first lock can be found on the front door.
Hint 1

Find the blue Instruction Manual

Hint 2

Check out the back of the manual

Hint 3

Look for bold letters and numbers


OPEN (The bold letters starting each line of the numbered list in the order 1,2,3,4)

2. Entrance way
Find a blue key with a green fob.


Open the drawer to the left of the door as you walk in

3. Open green door and turn right into The Gallery

This room contains a LOCK panel. Put in the correct four letter word to light up one of the circles on the green box to the right of the back door.

Hint 1

Find the eyes

Hint 2

You will see words if you stand in the right places

Hint 3

The word you need is the solution to the 4 word clue


(Song Designed for two) DUET

4. Turn right into The Kitchen

This room contains a LOCK panel. Put in the correct four letter word to light up one of the circles on the green box to the right of the back door.

Find another blue key with a green fob

Hint 1: Key

Look for fruit

Hint 2: Code

The book of Steganography (Art of Hiding secret data in plain sight) has all the codes

Hint 3: Which Code?

Table:PigPen,Sink: Morse, Cupboards: Braille, Clock: Semaphore


MOCK Table:M Cupboards:O Sink:C Clock:K

5. Head out of the kitchen and down the open corridor to the Green door. Open with key

You are now in the Nursery. This room contains a LOCK panel. Put in the correct four letter word to light up one of the circles on the green box to the right of the back door.

Find a blue key with a green fob

Hint: Key

Upturned pot

Hint 1

Find the seed packet

Hint 2

There are 3 sliders to find and set

Hint 3

If A-0 and Z=25, What do the four numbers you can see form?


BOLD 1 on the flower =B, 14=O , 11=L, 3=D

6. Pull the switch on the green box to the right of the back door. Go upstairs. Find the blue key with an orange fob


Its between some books on the shelf in the bookcase to the right of the stairs as you come up.

7. Go downstairs and open the orange door opposite The Nursery

You are in the Study. There is a LOCK in here. Put in the correct four letter word to unlock the back door.

Find the blue key with the purple fob

Hint: Key

Try opening things

Hint 1

It’s about time

Hint 1

It’s about time

Hint 2

Some clocks are am, some pm

Hint 3

Use the times to get pairs of 2 letters from the dial on the back wall


  • Glass roof 00:55 UG
  • Digital clock on round table 05:30 LY
  • Clock in box 12:45 DU
  • Calculator in drawer 15:40 CK
  • Post it note on desk 17:10 LI
  • Clock on left wall 19:55 NG

    8. Go outside. Turn right into the maze. Find the blue key with a magenta fob


    From the entrance turn left, first right, first right, first left,right, left, left, the key is on the pedestal

    9. Go upstairs. Open purple door at the top of the stairs

    You are in Analytics. There is A LOCK in here. Put in the correct four letter word to turn a light on the door marked EXIT.

    Hint 1

    The colour of the pedestals matches the chalk

    Hint 2

    Work out what numbers would make DUCK

    Hint 3

    Remember when you used to turn calculators upside down to spell words like BOOBS?


    DUCK = 0715 upside down looks like SILO

    10. Go upstairs and open the magenta door.

    This is the Bedroom. It contains a winding corridor and a LOCK .Put in the correct four letter word to add a light to the exit door.

    Hint 1

    Dont miss the note on the floor

    Hint 2

    Some of the letters are not like the others

    Hint 3

    Prefix = Word before


    Glitched word is KNOB Prefix that with DOOR

    11. Turn left when out of the Bedroom and open the green door.

    This is the Game Room. It contains a LOCK and a blue key with a brown fob. Put in the correct four letter word to add a light to the exit door.

    Hint 1: Key

    Find the chess board

    Hint 2: LOCK

    Win the games

    • Hangman missing letter is T
    • Winning player is O
    • Red counter dropped into 5th column cresting a Y in red
    • Winning move by red is to take the black counters in an S shape

    Spells the word TOYS

    12. Turn left towards the stairs. Go left and open the Brown door. This is the Map Room. There is a LOCK in here. Put in the four letter word to light the final circle on the exit door.

    Hint 1

    Find the book and the 2 light switches

    Hint 2

    The directions of the journey match the large map in the room and will tell you what to do with the LOCK panel letters.


    Following the instructions in the book create a journey on the map that matches the description. This gives you instructions to move the cursor on the LOCK.East is right, West is left, North is up and South is down. You will probably need to write them down. They are:

    • East to the lighthouse E x2
    • North to small island N x3
    • East to the beach E x4
    • North to jungle clearing N x5
    • West to the rock W x1
    • North to ruins N x3
    • East to village E x1
    • North to chapel N x1
    • East to river E x5
    • South on river S x4
    • West on river W x2
    • South on river S x2
    • East on river E x2
    • South on river S x3
    • East on river E x1
    • South to Temple S x2

    The solution is APEX

    13. Walk to the exit door. It is now open. Find a book. Solve the wall puzzle.

    Hint 1

    Do the colours of the tiles look familiar? Also, what else comes in groups of four?


    Each row represents a room and the floor in that room. The blue highlighted squares represent a letter in the LOCK clue for each room

    • Chess floor: Game Room 1 and 3 = T Y
    • Green floor: Map Room 2 and 3 = P E
    • Purple floor:Bedroom 1 and 2 = D and O
    • Red and White floor:Study 2 and 4 W and N
    • Brown floor:Nursery 1 and 3 = B and L
    • White floor:Gallery 2 and 3 =U and E
    • Blue hexagon floor:Analysis 3 and 4 = L and O
    • Turquoise floor:Kitchen 3 and 4 = C and K

    Solution is TYPE DOWN BLUE LOCK (enter this into the LOCK on the front door)

    STAGE 2

    14. You are now in the cave. Find the blue leaflet. You now need to solve all eight rooms again with different words. All the methods you used before will be used again for each room but with clues found outside of it. Start with Analytics.

    Analytics Room Clues

    Hint 1

    Remember what you did before.Coloured pedestals matched the coloured chalk on the maths problems. Can you find more pedestals?

    Solution 1

    Green Pedestals TREE, ROSE, STAR, SALT,GLOBE

    Solution 2

    You need find to find out what letters spell out SHOT. 8437 is ROSE, 5877 is TREE, 3568 is STAR and 3615 is SALT and 21497 is GLOBE which gives you all the letters in SHOT apart from the H. 1=L 2=G 3=S 4=O 5=T 6=A 7=E 8=R 9=B. Only number left is 0. The code word is SHOE or 3045

    Study Clues

    Hint 1

    You need to find 5 clocks or representations of clocks

    • Kitchen Clock: 07:00 NE
    • Cake Clock 10:20 XT</li
    • Maze Clock 14:35 IN
    • Exit Room Mechanism 17:10 LI
    • Game Room Dartboard 19:00 NE


    Answer: HEIR

    Collect the silver key

    Gallery Clues

    (You need to have completed Analytics first)

    Hint 1

    You need to find some more eyes and look for words in the environment

    • 1 eye was revealed when you solved Analytics. Press R2 look up and see ENDS
    • 2 eyes are in the purple painting by back door. Look through the stairs to see WITH
    • 3 eyes are in the owls in the map room. Look at the white railings to see PUNCH
    • 4 eyes at the cave. Look at the boat and the dock see LINE

    Answer is JOKE. Collect the silver key.

    Kitchen Clues

    (You need to have completed Gallery first)

    Hint 1

    You need to find objects outside the kitchen that spell out some of the secret code letters from the book in the kitchen

    Hint 2

    Use the key from the gallery in the stove

    Hint 3

    Locations, Garden, Roof, Upstairs, Cave

    • Over the white picket fence in the garden you will see a pattern of stones and a bush Braille= Letter A
    • Book on the bookcase on the upstairs landing NATO= Letter R
    • Smoke from the chimney spells out Morse= Letter M
    • Structure above door in cave spells out Semaphore=Letter Y

    Solution: ARMY

    Take the gold key

    Bedroom Clues

    Hint 1

    Read the half destroyed note in the cave (with purple writing). What do these objects have in common? Can you find some more?

    Hint 2

    The glitching objects are:

    • POTION bottle in the cave
    • LETTER in the entryway
    • BIRD painting in corridor outside the gallery
    • NEST in tree in the maze
    • BUG painting in the Map Room

    The word that goes before all the clues is LOVE

    Take the silver key

    Game Room Clues

    (You need have solved Bedroom first)

    Hint 1

    Use the silver key in the chess board in the cave

    Hint 1

    You need to win each of the chess games as the white player. White goes first.


    The winning moves spell out these letters

    • CAVE: Movement of Queen makes an S
    • MAIN ROOM: Movement of Castles makes a T
    • UPSTAIRS LANDING: Castle, Queen, Bishop makes an A
    • MAZE: Movement of Bishop, Queen and Castle makes a K

    Solution word is TASK

    Take the purple cube


    Hint 1

    There is a flower outside the nursery

    Hint 2

    The Nursery puzzle is all about changing settings. Think OUTSIDE THE BOX


    Put the key in the Analytics window lock. Change the game settings to that on the seed packet. Press touchpad. Change Brightness to 15 (you will see the correct symbol appear in the sky) Run Velocity to 12 (You will see the correct amount of water on the waterfall) Music to 0. The flower will open with a number 17. So the code you need is in the order on the seed packet 17,0,12,15 RAMP. Take the gold key

    Map Room

    Hint 1

    You need new map directions. Can you find a Treasure Map?

    Hint 2

    Look in the cave. The starting word should look similar to how the starting word looked in round 1


    The map is in the cave. Copy down the instructions to get to the key in the maze. Your starting word is LEAF with the cursor on L. Follow these directions N, W, W, N, N,N, N, N, E, S, E, S, E, N, N, N, N

    The word is LIFE

    Collect the key

    The Gold Keys

    For when you have collected all 3 keys.

    Hint 1

    Put the 3 keys in the cave panel on the left wall.Pick up the red key

    Hint 2

    Open the box in the EXIT room. The wall will change.

    Solution 1: Exit Room Puzzle 2

    The Exit room puzzle is as follows

    • Chess floor: Game Room TASK 1 and 3 = T S
    • Green floor: Map Room LIFE 2 and 3 = I F
    • Purple floor:Bedroom LOVE 1 and 2 = L and O
    • Red and White floor:Study HEIR 2 and 4 E and R
    • Brown floor:Nursery RAMP 1 and 3 = R and M
    • White floor:Gallery JOKE 2 and 3 =O and K
    • Blue hexagon floor:Analysis SHOE 3 and 4 = O and E
    • Turquoise floor:Kitchen ARMY 3 and 4 = M and Y

    Read down and get TILE ROOMS FORM KEY

    Solution 2 Word Puzzle in Cave

    The shape of the floors are letters. Look at them from the door

    Solution 3: Word puzzle in Cave
    • Chess floor: Letter O
    • Green floor: Letter R
    • Purple floor:Letter G
    • Red and White floor: Letter A
    • Brown floor: Letter N
    • White floor:Letter I
    • Blue hexagon floor:Letter Z
    • Turquoise floor: Letter E

    Word is ORGANIZE

    Put that into the word panel is should light up words

    Answer: Start Hides Final Lock. Boat name is key

    Hint: Secret Lock

    Go back to the very start

    Solution: Secret Lock

    Press Touchpad and R3 to get back to the menu . Press left on the D-Pad. The title is a LOCK. put in the boats four letter name TIDE. The water will recede from the island revealing a path.

    STAGE 3: The Book

    Contents Page

    Hint 1

    There’s a new path

    Hint 2

    These are cryptic clues in a treasure hunt for the other pages

    • Chapter 1 – The aeroplane in the Map Room
    • Chapter 2 – A pawn on the chair in the maze
    • Chapter 3 – The Starfish on the path
    • Chapter 4 – You found that purple cube already
    • Chapter 5 – The apple in the tree seen above the Study skylight

    Chapter 1

    Hint 1

    Think like a crossword clue. And where have you seen something similar to “in dangered”


    Solve the anagrams and find the hidden letters in the drawing

    • AALOS = SAOLA = T

    Hidden word is HUSTLE

    Chapter 2

    Hint 1

    Seek the authors of your fate. What do authors make?


    The number is the letter in the authors names, .

    • Escape by August Ferdinand F
    • Game & Puzzle Design by 800pixelgorilla I
    • My Journey by Sir Reginald Goodweather E
    • Endangered Species by Keldbjones N
    • A Blank Book by Nobody D
    • Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare H
    • Music and Theme by Slayassassin73 S
    • Steganography by Johannes Trithemius I

    Slight rearrangement gets you FIENDISH.

    Chapter 3


    The wordsearch clues have already been found by you, and then you have to make them plural. Which one isnt there?


    All the LOCK clues inside the house can be found but one.The word missing from the wordsearch is LOVES

    Chapter 4

    Hint 1

    Coloured borders? Where have you seen objects with coloured borders?

    Hint 2

    You need to find connecting words like you did for the glitched objects but one is before and one is after the word


    The pictures are as follows white/black

    • Red PHONE/FUEL Answer CELL Letter C
    • Blue STAR/BED Answer ROCK Letter O
    • Yellow BELL/FIRE Answer ALARM Letter R
    • Green LOCK/MOUSE Answer PAD Letter P
    • Purple CAR/RING Answer SIDE Letter S
    • Orange CANDY/FISH Answer EYE Letter E
    • Black WAVE/SHELL Answer SHOCK Letter S

    Answer is Corpses

    The Final Lock


    You havent finished with the word panel in the cave yet

    Solution 1

    Put the words HUSTLE,FIENDISH,LOVES and CORPSES into the word panel.


    • HUSTLE = SLEUTH Gold letter L
    • FIENDISH = FINISHED Gold letter I
    • LOVES = SOLVE Gold letter E
    • CORPSES = PROCESS Gold letter S

    Final lock clue for the start page is LIES. Anagram of which is……really? You want the final clue handed to you? Shame on you.

    I hope you found this walkthrough useful for when you got stuck. This amazing game was brought to you by PixelGorilla and his team who have made an amazing game full of complexity and devious puzzles. Please show your appreciation by thumbing up and sharing the game in the Dreamiverse.


    4 thoughts on “LOCK Walkthrough

    Add yours

    1. Game was cool at the start, but then solutions get F-ing stupid. Turn the calculator upside down? If you NEVER did this in your life, the game would be over right there! Armur Leopard, Sumatran Elephant.. WTF are these?? Then exiting the game to continue playing.. the solutions are so convoluted and random, it’s no more a challenge but trying to guess what the developer was thinking of.


      1. I am guessing you have not played many escape rooms before. The clues in LOCK are in my opinion very clever and not random at all, and very similar to other puzzle games that use lateral thinking. However, if you are a millennial it is possible that some of these clues might not be as easy to work out as you may not have come across things like calculators and the joy of making words on it.


        1. Haha, age can be an advantage for such things!
          Early LEET, in a way, on the calculators. 71077345 for Shell Oil, 55378008 for a lady with a flat chest.
          Spin a pencil horizontally in the air and ask a young ‘un what your doing, they’ll never guess it’s rewinding a cassette tape. My youngest was shocked, when I played a vinyl album and could pick up and place the needle wherever wished.
          However, age can also be immaterial. There are constant references all over everywhere to Game of Thrones and I’ve never seen it. Had to track down clips of Stranger Things to understand tons of those related comments.
          All in all, puzzle solving requires a person to have lived for eons, travelled extensively, be up to date on news, trends, music, lifestyles and be able to put all that to one side!


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