My Discover Dreams Project scuppered

Since October I have been playing every Dream released and putting them into categories in a daily collection. The idea behind this was to help discovery (a quaint term I have coined to explain the search for quality items made in Dreams). With everything sorted into type and also a recommended collection it is easier for Dreamers who want to play Dreams to find what they like. I came across a few issues doing this which has put a stop to the activity.

  1. The number of Dreams has slowly risen from 120 Dreams daily to 155 Dreams daily. So the amount of time it is taken me is slowly creeping up from the 2 hours I was doing at the beginning of the experiment. Weekends are particularly bad. I don’t want to spend all day looking at Dreams.
  2. Dreams has a bug which means I cannot maintain position in the feed, which is necessary for methodically going through it. Time taking to review 150 games plus constant scrolling through the feed has become untenable. Dreams fault team cannot recreate the fault, despite receiving video from me. They are blaming it on caching, or the amount of collections I have made. Deleting from local and rebooting has had no effect at all. I don’t believe they know how to fix it as it appears to be local to me. So I am lumbered with a feed that doesn’t work properly. This is the main reason for ending the experiment.
  3. Animosity from other Dreamers. Some people do not want their creations put into anyone else’s collections. Regardless of the reason for the collection. l put someone’s Dream in my Pick of the Week and they immediately blocked me. Other creators demanded I removed their creations because they didn’t want the spam, others thought I was “stealing” their creation. Some creators had put up rubbish and were embarrassed they were in a collection and demanded I removed it because it was bad (thought occurs: why launch it in the first place?). Then there was the creators who objected to the category I put them in. Then I got personal abuse from people saying that all I was doing was putting other peoples work into a collection and that was pointless. Then the abuse got nasty and vicious and misogynistic. I don’t need that.
  4. It is depressing to play everything. Although there are many gems amongst the rubbish, the amount of gems is getting very small. At one point 96% of what I was playing was a mixture of tests, demos, memes, undefinable weirdness, and very very bad games. I think the average time anyone spent making this rubbish could not be more than hour, and most looked like they were thrown together in minutes. There are creators who’s content is about 10 seconds long, while their name intros are 3 minutes, and I see the same intros EVERY DAY. On top of which we have those who insist on putting the Sony Playstation Intro in front of their Dreams, or mock loading screens. It is very tedious.

So, with all of that I am having to stop the daily collections. Instead I will stick with the Best of Dreams Recommendations Collection, and my “Homepage” to try to encourage plays from the community. I didn’t want to make it a selected choice made by me, we already have that in the Dreamiverse with MMpicks. I was trying to give people an alternative to trending and allow them to discover for themselves, but I cannot continue to do that with all the reasons listed above. Without people playing and thumbing up good creations Dreams is going to be overwhelmed with the output of teenage boys, and that will kill it, just as it did Project Spark. So I hope that my page will still be used by people trying to find good things to play. But at least I tried.


2 thoughts on “My Discover Dreams Project scuppered

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  1. Good gracious! I had no idea that people could be so petty and worse. To read that some think their output is being stolen in your collections is just plain weird. Those people never use assets created by others, presumably.
    I hope I’ll not be alone in wishing you the very best at a juncture moment – I have run through entire lists on your collections, as have plenty of others, I’m sure. It was a validation and boost to see a recent game of mine on your list… your work within the real community is invaluable and very much respected!


  2. Sorry to hear that you had to go through all that but it sounds like your Homepage and best of dreams recommendation collection will still be there. I was actually smiling from ear to ear when you added two of my dreams to your collections! Positive note is you will have more time for your own stuff. Your tutorial stuff is helping me a ton…I just used one to figure out how to emit an object towards a player.


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