My goals

Here are the results of last year

Goals for 2020

1. Get 3,000 subscribers to my YouTube channel Dreams with LadylexUK
Achieved: 25th Feb 2020 with 3.12k subs
Stretch goal: 6,000 subscribers Achieved
2. Get 7500 visitors to the site
Achieved: 21 Mar 9726 visitors
Stretch goal: 20,000 visitors Achieved: 7th Jul 2020 21,694 visitors
2nd Stretch goal 40,000 visitors Not Achieved: End of year 34,000
3. Finish the Adventurers Not Achieved. Game probably dead now.
4. Publish a Dream that gets 200+ likes
Achieved: Food Photography 242 likes 16th Feb 2020
Stretch goal: get a level to 500 likes Achieved: Food Photography 530 likes 30 April 2020
2nd Stretch goal get a level to 750 likes or 2 levels to 500 likes Not Achieved
5. Have a Twitch stream with more than 20 viewers at any one time
Achieved: 22 Jan 2020 with 21 people
Stretch goal: get a stream that is not a charity stream to 30 viewers Not Achieved

Goals for 2021

  1. Get 8k subscribers to my YouTube channel
    Only 6549 subscribers which meant I only gained 549 subscribers in the year. So a complete fail.
  2. Release a game
    Achieved. I made a mini game for Megapenguin Rehatched
  3. Get 30 viewers on a Twitch stream
    Most according to Twitch was 14 viewers.
  4. Get 25k visitors to the website this year
    17k visitors. This is 50% of last year.

I think it is clear that the interest in dreams from 2020 when the game launched is much much less, and my website and YouTube channel have suffered similar drops to that seen on the game itself. My goals for 2022 will need to be substantially less ambitious.

2022 Goals

  1. Achieve 7k subscribers
  2. Get 500 views on a video
  3. Get over 100 likes on a creation

4 thoughts on “My goals

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  1. Good solid attainable goals 🙂
    Congratulations on the whole management thing of how you keep us all informed too. As someone said on your last vid, we all respect what you do for the community and it isn’t said enough.


  2. Do you have Patreon or some way to make a donation? I would like to help you out for all that you do for the Dreams community. I just referred to other new Dreamers to your site…this site will greatly reduce their learning curve.


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