This Week in Dreamschool (Weeks 31-40)


Beta and Early Access Archive: Wk 1-20 | Wk 21-30 | Wk 31-40 |  Wk 41-44
Post Launch Wk-1-10Wk 11-20Wk 21-30 | Wk 31-40

Week 31 (11 Sep – 17 Sep)

Week 32 (18 Sep – 24 Sep)

Week 33 (25 Sep-1 Oct)

Week 34 (2-8 Oct)

Week 35 (9-15 Oct)

Week 36 (16-22 Oct)

Week 37 (23-29 Oct)

Week 39 30 Oct -6 Nov

Sorry no additions

Week 40 Nov 7 – 13th

Links to YouTube direct only


One thought on “This Week in Dreamschool (Weeks 31-40)

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  1. Hi Lex, just wanted to say how honored I am that you included my game (Rex & the Attack of the Troxeids) in your best-of-list for 2020. When I started learning Dreams it was mostly your tutorials that helped me figure it out! I love all the tutorial-creators but yours are the easiest to understand, and presented in a fun and charming way. So to see my game on there was really satisfying. Thanks for everything you do in helping people learn Dreams!


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