Community Creations #57

Live streamed Thurs 20 Aug

*Not shown in #56

Community Creations (not in order shown)

Hyper Puzzle by Nicco555, Computer_cat
(VR/DS4) When Robots Attack by Detricklez*
Dog’s Run VR – Ballpark Dodge Survival Challenge! by Angelotje
Vr Smacking the drums while riding a train by landroid9000*
Holoscade VR WIP by beaniebevan*
EOLO by Jaavaa*
Sideways Shenanigans by VGAPortAuthority*
Lonely Song! by arseny3d
Potted Plants by Wargarble
Buttons 4 All by ThirdNeverborn
a Cupcake by Robobot96
Fly’s Set Designs by Flyux
Digit’s Droids by Bawnanable
The Sounds of Nature by LOLpokemanz, Alex_Eris
RESURRECTION by DioHannibal6, BackToMan
Night Life by Jammer_Sonar
Galactic survival gear by MrMRKL
Pick Up Quick! by MmDreamQueen
Tin Toy Rally – The Next Generation by Matneee
Demon’s Penance Prototype Stage by Tomek _Mrozinski
Damp Sunset by fhoop04



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