Community Creation #58

Live streamed Thurs 27th Aug 2020

Community Creations (not in order shown)

Spin Time by alkey3000
Jungle Bill VR by Nbeyeler
An Unexpected Guest by TheStalkingDread
Rally Mania by Prinz_Laser
Button Man by PieceofCraft, mBergs
Please follow the instructions by Cackfog
Movie Theater Reveal by redep1994
Reflections by Amenjo1
Toy Castle – Expect the Unexpected by Neoky
Chromajump by doepfish
Gold Valley 4 by RbdJelyfish
The legende of the oceans by Bracord
Intense Fencing 2 by Star-Sauce64
DICHOTOMY by Nightmare-Grand
Sky Connect by ghostfruit64
Crystalonia: The Soul of all Pieces by Tricobalt
Misty Forest by Jhayceee
Warrior by Martinitydk
The Diary by Readante, Nomad_Man_, Cicor27
Lamb Showcase by SPINEBLOOD
The Space Selection! by arseny3d
Silk Override by SmallHooman
By The Ocean – a VR Experience by joao_eduuu


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