Q & A on VR

Creator: Media Molecule
Date: 5 Aug 2020
Liam de Valmency talks about VR with Tom Dent (Tom gets quieter and quieter throughout the stream)

Thanks to NickVal for the Question summary

4:53 “Can you turn off the imp reeling function in my creations, or at least hide the visual line that is appearing when you grab something?”
Sort of. You can shorten the length of the laser as you grab
7:45 “Why can’t we grab with our second hand?”
We built it with only a single tool option. It is a lot more complex to add the second hand. We are looking to add this in the future.

10:16 “Is there a way to attach a head-tracker to a character’s head so that vr moves with that character?”
The tracker tracks the camera not the character but you can attach it to your characters head so you know where it is in the level, but it really doesnt matter where it is
13:00 “Is there a way to quickly remap the default vr puppet controls? How to change the movement scheme from L2 (base) to L1? How to quickly remap turning to the face buttons on the move controllers?”
Its a bit of a pain, but you can reprogram it

14:58 “Can we keep that left stick output without pressing L2?”
The output is too low without it
15:41 “Would we ever have dedicated move sensors like we do with the dualshock sensor?”
We have talked about it.
19:04 “How do you reset yourself back to proper play scale while in edit mode? (Whenever I scale myself up, or down, I completely lose all sense of scale when creating new sculpts).”
Click on 1:1 Imp reach
21:22 “How do you change the player’s starting spawn point for vr?”
Its the same as in non VR. The game looks for the camera that is active. In Create mode you can set a bookmark for default starting position. You can also use doorways.
25:14 “What’s a quick way to set up a vr climbing mechanic?”
Liam talks through building a climbing mechanic, but doesnt try to make it

28:48 “How do I get started in vr?”
Do the four VR tutorials in the Highlights section.
31:37 “The dualshock controller seems to have a limited distance range when sculpting very large spaces trying to move distant objects would immediately pull the object to you will be too far away to do anything with. Aside from working in non-vr, are there any tips for large spaces?”
There is a limit. We could potentially change it, let us know if you need this.
Use the grab cam in large spaces.

36:18 “Is there any way to have multiple controllers registered while in vr? Outside of vr it works to connect multiple users but inside of vr, even with the same build, it only registers the input from player one. I can see reasons for this to be the case but is it possible to disable this?”
There is no way to disable it.
38:03 “Any tips on preventing frame rate drops when making a big scene? I have allowed low frame rate on, but I am aware that not everyone does this.”
Try to design for people at 60fps. Let people know in the description.
45:04 “Tips for optimizing thermo?”
This is a general question for Dreams. Make use of the optimizing tool.

47:40 “Is there a way to rotate things with the moves that are distant?”
Hold the shift button when rotating so it rotates in place.
48:53 “Is there any way to scale the head camera tracker?”
It is fixed to the scale of the camera

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