Community Creations #56

Shown on Twitch.

They had some technical issues with this stream and not all selected games were played.

*Not played added to #57

Community Creations (not in order shown)

Maze of Gods (Labyrinthe) by rydderdu38, Walky-Z, KARASU-NULL, xXNuke-95Xx, holduspokus, Dirimer, bencthulhu
Professor Paradiddle by hymen_trouble
(VR/DS4) When Robots Attack by Detricklez *
Flight of Serenity Lake by IansaneArtist
Surreal Cereal by RenStrike
Jamal’s Adventure in the Sky by Cassowary_Gaming
Yeety’s Escape by Hemlawk
Vr Smacking the drums while riding a train by landroid9000*
Holoscade VR WIP by beaniebevan*
EOLO by Jaavaa*
Strange Encounter by Sonnenburgx
San Lorenzo – City of the Olmecs by spiktikus
Super Cube: The battle for Cubearth by ReeNoiP_
Technical Advancement by Motordock_GR
Sideways Shenanigans by VGAPortAuthority*
Super Hexagon World by juniper_falls
Dont Play! – The Game by Magma-Monsta
The Playtest Of a Masterpiece by Frostadoodle
Mystery Capsule Simulator by SPINEBLOOD
Metro Street Racer – Crescent City by animeboy0021, atheistsw
Dirt n’ Stone Offroad by Blubbler
Thief Runner by Teuf-Mc-Geek
Dont Press That Button! by Rodekirby



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