Community Creations #54

Live Streamed  from Lockdown 31 July 2020

Community Creations (not in order shown)

Press X to Puzzle by Pixel_Gorilla
ME by Wargarble
Journey to the Enchanted Palace by RedSeikatsu-
Castle in the Sky: Junktown by Tricobalt
Shipwreck VR by CptSteam513
Ritual VT by doepfish
Starving Squirrels by NotreDamin, Yah_Deh, llCaptain_Morgan
The Entity by VerbalCreative
Wire Buzzer by oooDORIENooo
Western Ride by larolagosta
Abandoned Junk Vault (Short) by Zypher755
Pig Detective VR Hub by SebastianTeamPD, Lotte_Double
Cake Snakes by ghostfruit64
Mountain Kingdom by Nbeyeler
Sacred VR by Amenjo1
Just Pogo by A4325176890
ASCENT by payoffwizard
What’s Your Fortune? by JJ-Novots
Kick, Push: Skateboarding by musical_matt, Brown7407
Star Child by DirtyFlusher
Dancing Thumbs! by arseny3d
The Snowball by byvsen

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