Current Bugs I am experiencing

With Dreams increasing in complexity and size every day, each update has the potential to introduce bugs to the game. Here is a list of bugs I believe are current on the system with an amusing name attached for easy reference.

Current Bugs I have reported

Blocked but not forgotten
I did not raise this one, but could easily become victim. In this you have a creation in your Play Later queue, but before you get to play it the creator blocks you. Because you can only remove items from Play Layer by playing them and you can no longer play this creation because of the block you cannot remove it. You can also not see what it is or who it is by.
Appeared: Presumably day one
Annoyance Factor: 10/10
Danger Factor: 6.10

Imp Drift
The Imp slides  across the screen (mine goes right to left) without any movement of the controller.

Appeared: Day One
Annoyance Factor: 10/10
Danger Factor: 8/10

Unknown causes and unlikely to be fixed as this has been known to Mm from the beginning. Solution is to close down Dreams and start up again, this will normally clear the issue.

The Not Anon Bug
Gamejam entries that are supposed to be anonymous give you the name of the level and creator in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Appeared: Feb 14th 2020 (Launch update)
Annoyance Factor: 5/10
Danger Factor: 6/10

Update: This likely will not be fixed. There is an anti-piracy measure in Dreams that will add the name of a creator in the bottom left if it is placed in a Dream by someone else. The playlist system clearly uses the same technology and will identify a scene followed by another scene as a linked level and will put the name of the creator up.

The Scunthorpe Problem
Words that are not swear words are being blocked by the profanity filter. Sometimes this makes innocent words appear to be swear words by the presence of stars.

Appeared: Since Beta
Annoyance Factor: 8/10
Danger Factor: 3/10
Update: This will not be fixed. Mm has used a proprietary solution from Sony and cannot change any of the words in the blocked list.

It’s HOW MUCH? bug

When you save an asset from a scene the thermo shown in your feed is that of the entire scene and not just the asset. Easy fix: Go into edit mode. Move the asset, save.

Appeared: Since Beta
Annoyance Factor: 4/10
Danger Factor: 6/10

Questing, questing, 1, 2, 3 bug

Apparently no one has completed any Imp quests according to the Imp Quests menu – even the one’s you get from just starting up Dreams. Also, the quest bars may not be full, but it says you achieved the quest, and the bar appears on the homepage of the Imp Quest page even though you completed it.

Appeared: No idea, only spotted it 8 Sep 2020
Annoyance Factor: 5/10
Danger Factor 1/10

Blast from the Past Bug

Old levels are appearing in the the most thumbed up feeds despite not being released in the last week or 4 weeks. Sometimes they have been recently updated, but the current example has not even had an update recently, so its inclusion is a mystery.

Appeared: Early Access
Annoyance Factor 7/10
Danger Factor 4/10
Re-raised on 22 Nov 2021 and the Mm response was: I raised this with curation to take a quick look but they’ve been unable to find the playlist you’re referring to.

Update? What Update? Bug

Dreams added to collections are not showing up as needing an update in the collection, but do show up as needing an update when you click on them
Appeared: June 2021
Annoyance Factor 6/10
Danger Factor 4/10

Thermo Free Bug

Elements are showing up as having zero thermo on all categories.

Appeared: April 2021
Annoyance Factor: 5/10
Danger Factor: 7/10

You have been disconnected bug

Since update 2.35/6 a message will come up constantly throughout the day saying you are disconnected from the server. It does not however do anything else, and you can continue to save, play etc. If you have been disconnected then it is fleeting. Can be annoying for streaming and capture recordings.

Appeared: 30 Nov 2021
Annoyance Factor: 6/10
Danger Factor: 4/10
Mm response 7 Dec 2021: As for the server disconnect messages, we’ve not seen any reports of this, so please do let us know if this continues and we can investigate further. (I informed them it was still happening).

Colour altering in create

You can get a very different colour effect when you scope into a creation than when you scope out, which makes colour matching very difficult. It appears it removes all effect filters on a scoped in object which distorts colours. It did not do this before.
Appeared: 30 Nov 2021
Annoyance Factor: 8/10
Danger Factor: 6/10

MM response 7 Dec 2021: Thank you for this – we’ll take a look! 


The Chameleon Thumbnail Bug
Thumbnails and profile backgrounds change to other creations thumbnails and pictures randomly. So you access a creation and the profile picture is of something unrelated. Or you see something interesting in the feed only to find the game attached to it is completely unrelated. Sometimes this can create amusing juxtapositions, but mostly its a pain in the arse.

Annoyance Factor 8/10
Danger Factor 3/10
Appeared: Update 2.16 22/7/20

FIXED Update 2.17 TBC 6 Aug 2020

The Nope you cant see that! Bug
When you click on a creation and Dreams completely crashes to the PS4 Main menu before you can even see the profile page. This could happen while you are in the middle of a build and you could lose all progress on that.

Annoyance Factor 10/10
Danger Factor 8/10
Appeared: Update 2.16 22/7/20

FIXED Update 2.17 6 Aug 2020

The First you see it, now you don’t bug
Getting “Cannot access file” messages when within a game and you level link, or getting a greyed out play button on a single level so you cant even start. Fault reported by many Dreamers. Maybe only affects items in a Collection? Can be “fixed” by either pressing the update button on the collection (even if there is no updates this seems to reload the individual Dreams with no links but does not affect level links that are missing) or rebooting Dreams.

Appeared: 25/8/20
Annoyance Factor 9/10
Danger Factor: 9/10

FIXED: Unknown date


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  1. Great idea, The Chameleon Bug was around a couple of days ago here. It looked like one of my creations had 2,400 Thumbs Up. I nearly took a picture, to print and hang on the wall in a gold frame..

    The Stuck In Concrete Bug – Sometimes the imp won’t move around the menu’s with controller motion of the DS4. Motion has completely stopped. it needs left/right pad presses to navigate around.

    The Olympic Gymnast Bug – This is where you have a ‘Follow Me’ puppet running around with you and it begins to spin its legs or other parts wildly. Parts become more than dislocated, jittering all over the place.

    The 33 1/3 RPM Bug – A nice bit of non copyright music is added to a scene. It’s low thermo, few percent and adds a very nice, warm atmosphere. Lovely. Then, a few minutes later it plays at the speed of a snail on sedatives. Everything else is fine, the PS4 isn’t hot, Thermo is around 40% or similar, other sounds are fine. It may only affect regular PS4’s, Pro owners are probably laughing at these words.

    The Dingo Ate My Baby Bug – An off screen NPC seems to walk off the play area and fall away into the abyss below. Rewinding the Dream doesn’t bring it back. It’s gone, unless occasionally found head banging the underneath of the play area!

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