Making an RPG: Part 1 Let’s plan!

This is going to be my blog for a while. I decided I wanted to make a game gradually on Twitch with tons of audience participation and ideas. I first asked on YouTube what sort of game and genre I should do, and the vote when for Fantasy RPG. My next step was to create a story, and for an RPG you need a whole world with maps and backstory, so then I searched the internet for some useful tools.

I was advised to try World Anvil as a tool for planning an RPG. I must say it has been a really great free program and is excellent at drawing out ideas by creating subcategories for every element in your story. It makes you think about aspects of your world you probably wouldnt have thought to add, and is especially good at helping you flesh out back stories of people and places.

I then started making maps using Inkarnate and have been very pleased with the easy way I can make pictures and maps of my world which will guide me when I come to build my sets.

This is what the world looks like right now:

I expect you are wondering where I got all these names from. Well, I used Fantasy Name Generators which gave me some needs or inspired me to create my own. Very useful.

So now all I have to do is fill out the details of all my main cities and towns and start work on ideas for quests etc… I will probably start working on the Twitch Stream next week once I have some sketches done. I havent decided on an art style yet. Maybe I should ask my channel audience.


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