Don’t Give Up! by charabby9

Hello, I am charabby9 and I am a dreamer. I absolutely love the Dreams platform because it is the culmination of logic, art, music, interaction and gaming presented creatively for those who would manifest their dreams.

I was very interested in Dreams when I saw the first teasers and have been involved since the release in February. Even though I have some background in computer engineering, the difference in Dreams creation and computer building, programming and coding is quite different.

That is the reason I am writing this article because in the short time of my involvement in Dreams, I have discovered how radically the electronic world is changing especially with a venue of creation of gaming, animation, art, music presentation and recording. I am still learning new procedures daily in the Dreamiverse. I have also seen through community involvement that others are experiencing the same thing. However, many post I have read seems to express that there are those who are disappointed that their Dream isn’t as good as some one else’s Dream or that statement “ I can’t….”!

I believe I can help in this area by encouraging and supporting those who may be new or having trouble with creative ideas or motivation to “stay the course”. If you truly want to create that video game or that awesome music composition, then you don’t give up! If you quit it will never happen. Just because your game or music composition doesn’t measure up to your expectations, doesn’t mean that others would not think it was anything less than great. You can’t compare your creation to another’s creation because all creations are unique. Just like all people are unique. The one thing dreamers need to avoid if possible is comparison. Do you really believe the dreamers who make the elaborate creations have never made a mistake or two. Of course they have; they kept working, practicing and learning how to minimize mistakes, their time, the Thermo in their creation and develop technique. There are no mistakes in Dreams; there is only opportunity to learn as far as I see it.

In closing keep this in mind, working with all the avenues in creating a Dream there will be situations that doesn’t seem to work as it should. For example using logical applications, devices and most anything in the Application Menu. You will have to troubleshoot your application and find the problem every so often. If it seems too overwhelming, get help! There are many resources available in Dreams such as the Dreamschool tutorials, many communities and forums you can visit or subscribe to and mentors in the Dreams community. Here is the best thing. The Dreamers in Dreams and in the communities will help you with most problems. Just ask. It is just that simple. All of these resources are available and listed online on the Dreams homepage. so use resources, help others when you can, Don’t Give Up and Keep Dreaming because when you do make that Dream then release it, you can’t imagine how sweet it feels especially when your peers give you a thumbs up. 👍🏾






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  1. Here Here!
    One problem, is to look at what someone has released and not realise that the creator has likely been using Dreams since early beta. It both helped and hindered the product.
    One tip, is to consider your own Level score, mine is at 56 now, so I’m likely rubbish compared to someone at 125. But yes, day by day things click into place, Yesterday, for example, I finally figured out how to properly attach objects to a puppet, so they move with the puppet. All of the small things add up, reflected in the Level score. An alternative way of smiling through difficult creations, is to know that the super badass whizzo’s were stuck on exactly the same thing you may be struggling with. They managed it, you will too.
    Thermo comes up a lot as a limiting barrier. Tips may include to actively search for a low thermo example of an object, then use the detail reducer on it. Who cares if a house chimney has become transparent, if the player is at ground level?! And, it can also help the final look if used well. For example, a nice thatched cottage was found for my latest game, I reduced the detail and the thatch turned out to look more like thatch!

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