Community Creations #51

Thursday 9th July 2020

Community Creations (not in order shown) Includes Tiny World gamejam winners

Flip Champion by redep1994
Left to Rot by Denjo92
Fields of Battle 1942 by Prinz_Laser
Boxed Up by matizzle1
mad-gfx Europa Descent by Fahran1979, NeontheCoder, MadGfx_Snaggs, The_Other_Lucas
To the Top by SlurmMackenzie, KeldBjones, gauffreman, hadrien182, AndymationB
Thunderhead Dreamscom 2020 Demo by ED-209b
Squadron by Thorres377
Chateau du Lac by ZIIQ
Toyah Destroyer by girlfromcroydon, The_Tenia
Chapel of Frozen Tears by Solid1156
BackSynth by BackToMan
A Little Perspective by RbdJellyfish, Phreakerz, SOG3K1NG_US0PP
LittleBot Adventure by Desk_Drawer
LEAF by MPryer
Save the Colony! by Gofygure
T-Minus Cinematic Teaser by Nolan-Joseph
Bridge World – an adventure platfomer by Skeuomorpheus
What awaits in Vinland (Demo) by PlasticBagel
Sky Factory (Tiny World) by Wargarble
The Tower Intro by magnieto2003, FRANK_CADILLAC
BLOCKBUSTER by Kotelettenkalle
Shuffleboard by SKINNYCHAD, Amenjo1

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