Not in the loop

Ever felt that there was some inner community of Dreamers that were getting information that you were not party to, and were getting in on community events that you only find out about when it’s all over? Yep, you are not paranoid.

Dreamscom is one of the best initiatives Media Molecule have put out for the community.  They announced it on Twitter and in their streams but gave us very little time to make booths for it. However hundreds of Dreamers did that. It felt a little bit undersold to us as an activity, but having seen the results it is definitely something to look forward to next year when we all know what is possible.

Their Dreamscom stream was however something else. Instead of showing us the booths, or the demos in the booths inside Dreams we got treated to trailers…edited movie style trailers. They did not announce anywhere that they were looking to include trailers in their stream. So, did they invite people? We can only assume so. Not sure what the criteria was for inclusion. I do know that, like most people, I was not in the loop. It might have been fun to be part of that. I am in a team that are currently making a game, and those on Twitter do know about it. Yet, we were not asked if we wanted to contribute. Might have been fun to make an ad. I might yet.

I know many of you think I somehow work for Media Molecule or are closely associated with them or at the very least are in an inner circle of Dreamers. This has showed that I am not. I don’t know if I have said something that has made me persona non grata, but I am beginning to feel a bit excluded. Oh, well if that is how it is I will just have to accept it and make my own fun. Wish I knew how I stood though.


Additional: It appears I was included in the round of DM messages, but I never saw it as it coincided with the a family bereavement. I missed out on this because it was a single message, sent once at the wrong time for me. Still, it proves that it was by invite only and was very secret squirrel. Not sure why though?

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  1. Yes, Ladylex, I do share that feeling with you wholeheartedly! I spent my whole life under the prejudice of “ the clique” or cliques in general. I recently stressed that in a reply in the Dreams Community forum in the question Abbass-Al Anthram’s asked,“What Made You Get Dreams”. It mainly spoke of the hostile treatment of female gamers who were ostracized, put down verbally and shunned because they were more adept at the game, sometimes more intelligent and purposely left out of any multi-player event. I am speech impaired, yes I know that and have come to terms with that and still excelled in life to my content but this gamer oriented clique which seems to be dominated by male ego and self centered proclamation of needing to be better than the rest is at times cruel and dissuading to say the least. On the other hand, as in high school the “cliques” reigned supreme. It’s the exact same mind set except cliques in my high school had both female and male members. That may be the case here. It just motivated me to be better that that and become sympathetic to their shortcomings. They weren’t very intelligent after all because like most they assumed anyone that is mute, is deaf too. I heard every word they whispered and just smiled. I love the Dreams platform it does have many nice people who ask for help and give help. It isn’t about death and dying like most commercial video games these days and most of the content is very creative and well done. I for one appreciate the energy and work you put into Dreams. It is noticed.


    1. I received no messages and was totally unaware that they were looking for edited video trailers – along with most people. There were Dreamers were also not aware of Dreamscom at all.


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