How to get better in Dreams

When you first buy a copy of Dreams and get your first taste of creating in Dreams it may feel completely overwhelming. Just getting your head around the unfamiliar control system can take some time. Do not rush this. Take your time to get used to the controls, be that the motion controller, controller sticks or move controllers. You will find the imp can be uncontrollable at times. Change the settings sensitivity if you feel it is too wayward. Practice moving about the creation area. Zooming in and out, grabbing and moving, rotating around. All this practice will make you better at using the tools.

Practice, practice, practice

The best method I have found of improving your sculpting skills is to make things. Don’t throw yourself into the deep end straight away with a whole scene. Make something small and simple, like a chair. Take about an hour to make something. If you do this every day your sculpting skills will definitely improve. You can use this years Dreammay list for inspiration of what to make if you like. You can also improve how long it takes you to make things by re-doing the same sculpt. Challenge yourself to make the same thing but with limited time, so decide on your subject, build it in 2 hours. Then start again and make it in 1 hour, then 45 minutes then 30 minutes, then 15 minutes. You can do this over several days. The idea is to hone your skills. You will learn techniques that work and dont work, and you will speed up making things. It is time that is the enemy of creating in Dreams. If you can sculpt quicker, you will make more things, and projects will come together quicker. This means you are less likely to get bored with a project and abandon it.

Learn from others

There are a lot of great sculpting tutorials available on YouTube. Watch a few to learn interesting techniques. Make sure you try them out after watching, or if your set up will allow it, make and watch at the same time. You may find that these videos teach you more than the in-game tutorials, as it is impossible for Media molecule to teach every sculpting technique. Also, Dreamers are finding new and novel ways of working with Dreams all the time, so there is always something new to learn.

Experiment with the gadgets

Dreams microchips are not the easiest thing to get your head around. A good grounding knowledge of each of the gadgets will help, so I recommend watching the beginners guides videos by myself, jimmyjules153 and TAPgiles to get an understanding of the gadgets and what they can do. Experiment with the gadgets yourself, changing the sliders, wiring things up. As with sculpting, practice will help here. Find a game mechanic in a Dreams game that you like and see if you can recreate it. Because we know it is possible to make (someone else made it first) we dont have the issue of wondering it if is even possible with the Dreams tools. Most games will not be remixable so you cant see the microchips. If you can see the microchips then do look at them, but do not be put off if you cant make any sense of it. Dreamers do not tend to make tidy microchips with explanations of every wire.
If you have a specific mechanic in mind search the site to find if anyone has done a tutorial on it. That may be a good starting point if you are stuck and cannot work it out for yourself. Remember Dreams logic is very fluid and there are many ways of doing the same things with different gadgets and wiring systems, so expect tutorials to show different techniques to do the same thing.

Play play play

Another way of getting better in Dreams is to see what everyone else is doing. Dont get disheartened when you see epic artwork and polished gameplay. These creators also started where you are, and their early efforts probably don’t look much different than yours. Look to see what is possible and have a go yourself. Dont forget to thumb up those creations you like.

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