This Week in Dreamschool Wk 11-20

Due to the amount of work this has made for me. I am no longer going to provide the Week in Dreams round up. Instead this page will include all the additions to the site instead. Sorry if that has disappointed any of you. I am still looking for volunteers if anyone wants to help make this site better.

Beta and Early Access Archive: Wk 1-20 | Wk 21-30 | Wk 31-40 |  Wk 41-44
Post Launch Wk-1-10 Wk 11 -20 Wk 21-30

Week 11 (April 24-30)

Week 12 (May 1-7)

Week 13 (May 8-14)

Week 14 (May 15-21)

Week 15 (May 22-28)

 Week 16 (May 29- Jun 4)

Week 17 (Jun 5 – 11)

Week 18 (June 12-18)

Week 19 (June 19-25)

Week 20 (June 26 – July 2)

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  1. I wasn’t aware there was a Dreams School. I would love to help in anyway I can, however, I can merely help by texting due to being speech impared from birth. I have never let that become an obstacle and actually have done quite a lot of what I call “ white board training and instruction”. I love the Dreams platform and delve in it quite often. I have retired from consulting and managing R & D projects in Neurosciences so now I have the time to play. Sincerely, I do appreciate your instructive tutorials and the feedback messages. Be blessed. Abby

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    1. Would you be able to help add other peoples tutorials to the database? I have quite a backlog of tutorials that I need viewing to see if they are any good, and if they are adding posts to the site. It means being added to this websites editing team.If you are interested I will send you an invite.

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  2. Good evening, I just now saw your offer of helping out and I think I would like to give it a go. So just for understanding purposes you’re looking for someone to audit tutorials for reasonable content and presentation and if said presentation is noteworthy admit the presentation to the WordPress database? ASI stated before I have experience in training and instruction especially training of trainers and their presentation methods. I consider myself a fair judge of training presentation and may be able to help with that. I actually commented on a certain tutorial by JR2576 I believe and he gave an outstanding presentation in his tutorial. Explaining in metered detail and very thorough. So what would be the first step to take here? I’ll check back in for a reply. Have a lovely day! Abby


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