Community Creations #38

Due to coronavirus this was not streamed it is a collection only

Community Creations

  • Glass by Martinitydk
  • Bee Wave by Midjam
  • Hanging gardens by Nagadir
  • Ball hopper by Entropy-Tamed
  • Volcano Survival by RurouniDan, HyperDreamSurfer, MrWooshie, Sly_Rowe, Zodira
  • Titania’s Cavern by Jhayceee
  • The Whimsical Isles by WarmthoftheSun
  • Dimensions per second by DirtyFlusher
  • Ecliptic Transfiction by BackToMan, AyeWilder
  • House Construction Animation by redep1994
  • Robo Escape! by redwingrspb
  • Dreams of Nature by IansaneArtist
  • Recursive Cascade by ATMLVE
  • Sony Square NYC: Women Who Inspire by KaraBear89, Avril4iZ

Monster Madness Gamejam

  • The Infernal Hunt by Typhus667, PieceOfCraft
  • Monster & Son – Mini Game by Cubixphere
  • Zombie Alfie Elephant by PuddyDoke
  • Wyvern Model by gi260201
  • Witch house dynamic scene/screensaver with many random elements by theindieboy
  • Sonsoles by manowarro_om

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