Variables and Scores

Creator: TAPgiles
Date: 4 Mar 2020
Length: 14:35
Level: Basic
Type: Logic / UI and HUD


A quick overview of how variables and scores work in a dream

2 thoughts on “Variables and Scores

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  1. Eddie, hello charabby9 here. I have a question about time scored in a Dream. Does a scene have a background timer not seem or does one have to set up a timer for game based endeavors. If so, say that the game is collecting items and upon retrieving the last item; is it possible to stop the timer at that point in time? Does it have to rely on a trigger zone or can it be done with logic instead? Having a devil of a time with this issue in a Dream. If you can possibly answer this, I would appreciate it. Abby


    1. Mm are working on a new time gadget that gives you gametime. At the moment though you have to make your own using counters or variables. Search the site for timer tutorials.


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