Newbies, Pewdiepie, and Blockings

It is no surprise to me that after the initial burst of original content coming from the established creators for the launch of Dreams, the overall quality of creations has plummeted, and we are seeing a lot of very juvenile and badly made levels, that have been knocked up very quickly.

New creators to the platform have to learn the skills, and they are doing that by releasing their Dreamiverse Dash levels, Ancient Times levels and fan art. There is also a lot of achievement hunting going on with imp quests and the like, which is making creators publish, well, rubbish, in order just to receive an award. I have been sent no end of collab requests from achievement hunters (all of which I have turned down and will continue to turn down, so don’t waste your time sending them me). I have also been sent a lot of my levels remixed for an imp quest. All of this is tedious and fills up my notifications, which since launch has been so seriously bugged and so full of notifications, it is impossible to use effectively. I am having to resort to using to read my messages because reading them in Dreams is a complete nightmare.

All those issues aside, it is nice to see that some of the new blood are interested in making decent things, and there seems to be a large pool of potential out there. After 6 months I expect to see some really great things. We already have more newbies, who I am going to refer to as Flecklings (thanks, ReddishBoat) than Early Access originals. So things are never going to be the same as it was. Hopefully though this new blood will add interesting things to the Dreamiverse, even if at first those things are stolen IP and dumps of Dreamiverse assets in unconvincing “games”.

Now, to discuss the Pewdiepie controversy. I do not like internet drama, and I try hard to avoid it. I know there has been a witch hunt over the past few years in the traditional press vilifying Felix Kjellberg as a racist, anti-Semite, white supremacist. I do not support this point of view, I think many things have been taken completely out of context, some things have been made up, and he is being accused of things done in his name by other people, which he has absolutely no control over. The things he has done, he has owned up to, made apologies, changed his behaviour, and generally tried to improve over time. Most of the controversy seems to centre around some ill-advised jokes that charged boldly across the line of good taste. He appears to me to just be a bad comedian, rather than a force of evil. I do not subscribe to his channel, as I find his humour not to my taste. I dip in and out of it occasionally.  As far as I am concerned he is the most popular gamer on YouTube, he has an audience of over 100 million subscribers and his videos reach approximately 5 million people minimum. So when he played Dreams recently, I was thrilled. This is an opportunity to get the game more known in the gaming community than the current official marketing. His Dream video has been seen by 8 million viewers in 1 week. That is 8 times the amount of people that have seen any of the official launch trailers. The more he plays Dreams, the more people will come to the platform, which is a good thing. Now I don’t care if they are not creators, or if they buy Dreams and then disappear after a few weeks. What I do care about is that they gave Mm some money. It is very important that Dreams sells. Without income there cannot be continual development for Dreams. Media Molecule need to pay their staff.

Now comes the sad bit. Because I tweeted my excitement that Pewdiepie had played Dreams, and I told everyone he was going to look for specially made content for his channel (which means he intends to do at least one more video on the game) and backed that up with some artwork to show the sort of thing you could make, I got blocked by a Dreamer. This Dreamer told me that she thought my tweet was vile and disgusting and that I was a sociopath looking to gain followers and likes off the back of a corrupt and disgusting YouTuber that spreads hate. I could not convince her otherwise. She doubled down on insulting me on social media by publishing our private conversation, without posting her initial message and tried to encourage other Dreamers to also block me as some sort of moral crusade. Now so far, I have not seen that happening, and mostly I got supportive messages. Her creations are blocked to me. But if she doesn’t want me to share, see, like, comment, show, or add her stuff to my collections, then that’s her choice. She no longer exists to me due to her block, and I cannot see what she is publishing on Twitter about me either.  I have no interest in publishing her name, despite the fact she did not respect me in the same way. This is not how I expected any of this to go. I do not understand this reaction. I am not responsible for Pewdiepie or his audience. And to be slandered as a sociopath and aligned with racists, was completely out of the blue, and confusing to me.

So I am going to state again, so there is no doubt as to how I stand. Firstly, I am not a subscriber of Pewdiepie. I do not think of myself as a fan, or a supporter. I believe Pewdiepie made some serious errors of judgment while making content for his channel which caused some upset, but I do not believe him to be a racist, or someone who encourages racism. I do not support racism, racist comments, racist actions or the supporters of same. I do support Dreams, the promotion of Dreams, and the need to encourage participation through education, marketing and exposure. I therefore support gamers that make Dreams content. That includes the big gamers on YouTube such as Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier etc.

If this stance causes you to believe that you do not want me to see, play, film or talk about your creations, then by all means block me. Just know that means I will never see your content, and will never be able to add it to any collections I make, any videos I make, or make you eligible for my annual awards. You will be invisible. You do not exist.


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