MM Jams #20 | Animation Tips

Streamed live on Tues 25th Feb 2020

Tom is joined by John Beech, Mike Pang,  and Pablo Lopez Soriano to talk about animation in Dreams

Video starts at 4:12 No sound until 5:09

6:12 Looking at the new procedural animation options in the basic puppet. They also talk about the difference between FK and IK animation posing
10:55 Question: How to hold a two handed weapon and do sword swings?
22:00 Question: Can you stop people spamming the animation (add a cooldown)?
24:06  Question:How do you make animation smoother?
29:45 Question: How would you make a character run in place in play mode?
33:12 2D movement toggle
33:33 Question: How do you have a faster transition between the procedural walk and the idle pose?
36:32 How to fix issues with mirror mode when sculpting
36:45 Dislocating joints so you can animate shoulders for example
42:25 Question: How to add a transitional keyframe between two poses. Also adding springiness.
50:12 Question: How to have a puppet run when you release a button?
51:58 Question: How to loop smoothly?
58:42 Encourage animation so that puppet reacts to the environment


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