Community Creations #32

Live streamed on Thurs 7 Feb 2020

Tom is joined by Rich Franke, Alex Perry, Claire Blackshaw and Lisa Devon on sound

Video starts at 2:09

8:47 Turn Left Duck by creigame (listed as A_Dream_Shaper)
15:11 Sewer? Sewer! by lombax_pieboy
20:24 Kaleidothing by Digitalthing
23:14 Jankbot 2020 by Entropy-Tamed
27:41 Moldable Maze Testing Levels by TannicAlloy
31:06 The Lost Boy – A Teaser by DihStyle69HipHop
37:31 Klaus by TheBlightBeast
41:50 Fighting star by viinssouille
46:49 The Past by BacktoMan
48:29 Motivation by AyeWilder
50:33 akaoni by tototidoppa
55:44 Untitled Space Opera by ORD6
1:01:11 Super Nebula Boy by yoSweetT
1:04:35 Hairy Carree by mBergs
1:05:34 Strike II by busterwackycrash
1:10:31 Dreams ’92 (Demo) by cam_alty
1:12:46 Izzy and Joey Go to a Movie Theater by JayKombat

The Tower by patekkah was in the collection but not shown



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