MM Jams #18 Audio Tips and Tricks

Live streamed on Tuesday 28th Jan 2020

Tom is joined by a big team of Audio experts. They demonstrate how you can make your music responsive to your game.


Video starts at 4:41. Dont worry they do remember to make the sofa people small at 9:00

8:09 Bogdan makes a piece of music
9:28 Bodgan builds a scene with a trigger zone
10:50 Drums are added to the music
13:51  The drum track power inputs are wired to the trigger zone so that they only play when the player is in the zone
14:41 –  How to get an instrument piece to fade out when you enter the zone
17:52 Adding an effect field
19:09 Using a positional effect field instead of a trigger zone
20:43 Switching between music timelines. A new piece is added using pitch bend techniques
28:44 How to add a gate to switch the timeline and keep the beat so the music transitions more seamlessly
sorry I will complete this later


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