A Newbies Guide to the Feed

Creator: MatthewMidnight (with additions from LadylexUK in blue)
Date: 28 Jan 2020 (Posted on Reddit)
Type: Feeds and Homespace

A Newbies Guide to Elements, Scenes, Dreams and Collections

If you’re a new player to the game, and planning to pick the game up on Feb 14th you’ve got an amazing journey ahead, with a fairly steep learning curve.

There’s an amazingly helpful community here who have already delivered a ton of great content and tutorials. Last year I wrote this guide to the fundamentals of the different shapes and content types you’ll come across in Dreams.

The full launch of the game may delve into explaining these in more detail than EA did, but I thought I’d share this none the less!


Elements are displayed in the Dreamiverse as hexagons. They are the atoms of the Dreamiverse and usually describe one individual thing. eg. Character, Sculpture, Contraption, Music, Sound Effect, Instrument, Vehicle, Animation, Effect or Logic Piece.

Published elements are always remixable. You can however launch an element as private and add collaborators so you can share with a small group of people. You can also launch it unlisted, which means it does not appear on the feeds. The idea behind an element is that they can be easily stamped into any scene. As such, Elements don’t usually need lighting, scenery etc. Some creators wanting a good looking thumbnail may introduce other elements, lighting and backgrounds in order to take a good photo, however, for ease of use by other people these should be removed after you have taken the picture and then saved.

Element examples: a table lamp, a telephone, a helicopter etc. These can be found in Dreamshaping, and will not appear in the “Dream Surfing” section of the game.

You cannot place an element into a Dream on its own. You would need to make a scene first.


Scenes are displayed in the Dreamiverse as circles. They are usually created using different elements.

Examples of these would be game scenes (or levels), story scenes, showcase scenes etc. When you are creating a scene, you can place elements you have created yourself, elements others have uploaded to the universe, or you can freely paint and sculpt within the scene itself. Scenes aren’t typically “stamped” by other people. Actually they cannot be stamped. They can be made remixable and this is optional. They can also be launched as private. You can add collaborators to your scene so they can work on it too, and only they and you can see it. Again, you can launch as unlisted.

Examples of a scene may be Game Level 1, “A Snowy Mountain Top”, “Beach Sunset” etc. These can be found in Dreamshaping, and will not appear in the “Dream Surfing” section of the game.


Dreams are displayed in the Dreamiverse as rectangles. These are “maps” which connect one or more scenes together to create a Dream. Though you can make a Dream out of only one scene.

Examples may be linking together various levels created as scenes (circles) into one Dream. This means your player will experience all the scenes in your intended play order. Dreams are never re-mixable, although their contents can be. To create a Dream, you must have one or more scenes ready to place. Dreams need door gadgets to be linked together to create level linking. You can wire the scenes together using wires in the Dreams editing page. A single scene does not need any doors and will automatically be played when the Dream is accessed.

Examples of a Dream may be a full game, a series of videos etc. Dreams appear in both Dreamshaping and Dream Surfing. Only published Dreams will appear in the Dreamsurfing section.


Collections are displayed in the Dreamiverse as a circle outline with circles and hexagons inside it. This is a quick way for curators to save and publish Dreams, Scenes and Elements , and other Collections– they may group these into themes etc to make finding content easier.

I hope that helps a little. I’d like to expand this guide with icons etc to help one day when I have a bit more time, but hopefully this gives people a better idea A) Where your content is being published and where to find it B) What the shape of the icon of your content means in the Dreamiverse.

Good luck out there! 😀


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