2020 Impy Awards

The 1st Annual Impy Awards was held on Sunday 26th Jan 2020.
(Not in the order they were presented. This is the order of the nomination site)

Most Helpful Dreamer: NeontheCoder
Best Curator:  The_Tenia
Community Star: Project Genesis
Most Improved Dreamer: SdeReu & Lotte_Double
Best Visuals: Outpost60 by BrianTaylor60
Best Voice Acting: KeldBjones
Best Character: Frederick Fox by codibear8383
Favourite Streamer: Project Genesis
The Awww-ward: Colour with Crayons by MarmiteforMe
Funniest Creation : Witchy Woods by Awesome_David
Best Song: Riviera Daylight by Mandelbo
Best Sculpture: The Collector 2 by ryan47
Best Animation: Duet by byvsen
Best Gameplay: Cubric by the_burgervan
Best Narrative: Mimeo Prophecy by raz0rbackzwei
Hidden Gem Dream: Do Robots Dream of Electric Imps by SlurmMackenzie
Best Sound Design: Great Job, Human by the_burgervan
The Wish I Had Thought Of it Award: Player Piano Player by Enigma_0123
Hidden Gem Creator: Ord6
Dream of the Year: Pig Detective 2 by SdeReu & LotteDouble
Creator of the Year: SlurmMackenzie


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