Community Creations #30

Live streamed on Thursday 17th Jan (note: stream is much shorter than the run time of the vid)

Tom is joined by Jamie, Tom Dallaway and Dave Campbell and Lisa Devon on sound

Video starts at 1:32 and after introductions Tom runs through the shortlist nominees for the Impy Awards.

Community Creations

15:10 Project Sanctum by ricksnun75
23:05 Deinocatoptron by FlashMedallion
30:20 Dinorama by Digitalthing
33:39 Grimy Adventures by jazzmooz
39:25 Hello Moon by Wargarble
40:05 The Pyramid of Phoenicia by MatthewMidnight
41:16 Procedural Terrain Generation by GrayNightlyCat
42:52 ROOT by GK-S-
47:21 Vanguard by sleeperwolf, BloomAnimate, Bukkorochan, Esuki
48:45 the Moonlight Temple by Chris_Redwalker6
1:04:02 Radial Engine by cgCody
1:06:42 Dreamwater City by SakkusMind
1:07:50 Detune by VitaminG_90
1:08:51 Xiall by Funk_97_ITA
1:10:29 Oceans Between V by MatthewMidnight
1:11:36 GridSlice by c00kedturkey
1:14:08 The watergradens by HalfUp
1:20:08 Realistic Napoleon Statue by Morgan_the_one
1:21:53 The Glow  by MCalchemist42
1:24:03 Realistic Mountain Lake by iDexTiGer
1:25:29 The Universe’s Mystery by BacktoMan
1:27:39 (WIP!) ALICE by Detricklez
1:28:22 The Runic Path by MasterClasses
1:29:35 Survival Unknown by abrain
1:33:14 Medieval City Building Sim by Prinz_Laser
1:35:33 Skeleton by Suthurnur
1:35:59 Miss by Suthurnur

1:37: 45 Video ends


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