My goals for 2020

Last year, just before Early Access dropped I set up a list of goals for 2019. This was the result.

1. Get 500 subscribers to my YouTube channel
I did so much better than that and got 1700 by the end of 2019

2. Complete the gadget encyclopedia entries
Took my eye of the ball there a bit, and there are a few more to go. But I am getting through the gadget videos steadily so they should be finished this year.

3. Add at least one community level to Who’s Afraid of the Dark.
Yes, that happened. Only the one.

4. Make a piece of music that gets used in someone’s level.
I have had a few remixes, some music videos and some of my pieces have made it into games. So mission accomplished.

5. Get 5,000 visitors to the site
Yes, made that too with 5,906 visitors

So here are my goals for 2020

1. Get 3,000 subscribers to my YouTube channel Dreams with LadylexUK
2. Get 7500 visitors to the site
3. Finish the Adventurers
4. Publish a Dream that gets 200+ likes
5. Have a Twitch stream with more than 20 viewers at any one time

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